Apple delays its most powerful computer until 2019

Apple delays its most powerful computer until 2019

Apple has made official what some enthusiasts of the company and professionals of the sector feared or expected. It has delayed the renewal of its flagship product, Mac Pro, to 2019. It is true that the company had not specifically promised to have it ready by 2018, but the lack of news during the past few months seemed to indicate that this year it would not be.

The Mac Pro is a small percentage of total computer sales company, and in turn Macs generally, represent a fraction of total products sold by Apple. This has made many questions whether there were sufficient resources dedicated to its development since it had been unrenovated since 2013 when Apple introduced a radical re-design.

Apple claims to be raising the new version from a “holistic” point of view

Last year, before a small commission of like-minded journalists, Apple confirmed that with the new cylindrical design their engineers had been cornered in terms of expansion possibilities. The base did not leave enough flexibility to move forward with new components demanded by consumers. In response to that, Apple was going back to the box and redesigning a new Mac Pro, which has now been promised to come next year.


This group of journalists was told one thing, according to John Ternus (vice president of hardware engineering): ” The professional community is very diverse. There are many types of professional consumers and they obviously bet heavily on hardware and software, taking it to the limit. So one thing we have to do is communicate with customers to understand their needs because we want to provide complete professional solutions, not just powerful hardware, as we do with the iMac Pro. Look at it from a holistic point of view. ”

Apple has entered an unusual route to solve this puzzle. It has hired experts from different fields of animation, 3D design, music production and others to work in the company and be the references to their respective sectors. In this way, Apple wants to understand from within the minds of those who would be its final consumers how to design this new Mac Pro. This new position “is influencing the architecture” of the new product, “of what we are planning” according to another veteran company executive, Tom Boger.

The company has not given more details of the production of this computer. We continue to know that it will be a much more “modular” product than the current one, perhaps retracing its steps towards the 2006 model with a much more traditional box. If Apple opts for a more common design with an architecture similar to that maintained by desktop computers and works, its customers are happy. But all this work and “holistic looks” could indicate that they are going a step further. It only remains to wait.


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