A new feature in Google Maps shows waiting times in restaurants

A new feature in Google Maps shows waiting times in restaurants

Google Maps has received an update for its iOS application that includes a new feature: it informs about the waiting time in restaurants. The application is based on the visit history of each establishment to indicate the time users expect during the day.

The version of Google Maps that includes this service is 4.47. To find this information look for the restaurant and open the information page that appears in the application. Under the contact information and customer opinions you will find an axis, and in the small box, preceded by an hourglass icon, you will see the waiting time.


The application shows the average waiting time specifically for each hour of the day, from when the bar or restaurant opens until it closes. This feature currently works with more than one million restaurants around the world, according to the Engadget website.


This function is added to others already offered by the application, such as the opening hours of the different establishments, the peak hours of traffic and the time that people usually spend in each place, whether restaurants, bars, shops or museums.

Google Maps offers information on the nearest subway station in several cities

The new version of the application also brings new information on public transport and now includes details on the closest subway entrances in the systems of several cities in the world including Barcelona and Madrid.

Last month another update of the Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad introduced a feature with real-time information about traffic and the state of the roads. The application is also making efforts to offer information about accessibility to facilitate mobility for people in wheelchairs or carrying a stroller, for example.

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