A journey from WordPress to Headless WordPress

After the success of Jamstack Conference held in 2020, the web development trends took a shift. The awareness of the modern technology, availability of the platforms, and content management systems steaming in offering their headless services encouraged businesses, startups, and agencies to build their digital existence using this modern technology. 

It has obsessed me with the term “Jamstack Web Development” since then and I follow the Jamstack meetups and conferences and the companies working on the technology and agencies beaming into this industry offering their products. 

WordPress Vs Headless WordPress

There are over 60% of the individuals and businesses who still state that, “Obviously, our website is built on WordPress”. No matter what you say to convince them to use another platform like Squarespace, Wix or Webflow or get the website developed using a modern theme. 

While the headless CMS approach is an innovative and modern technology for building websites, the headless WordPress in Jamstack technology is used as a backend-only platform wherein you can keep your website content and web pages and the theme and design is absent from WordPress.

Lamp Stack Vs Jamstack

They built the traditional WordPress using the Lamp stack architecture, it works inthe browser requests, PHP processes the request, query is sent to the database and finally content appears on the page.  

It built the modern headless WordPress using the Jamstack technology wherein the frontend is designed using the static site generators like Gatsby and NextJS using JavaScript frameworks, i.e. ReactJS. The frontend being built with the modern framework allows you to add competitive features to the website and still build the backend using headless WordPress. 

Traditional Limitations Vs 3S of Jamstack

The WordPress websites have to face limitations of design and security but also the website performance with slower web pages especially on the mobile device. It built the Traditional website using Content management systems like WordPress wherein the theme is used on the same platform building website with content and pages and plugins to add features to the websites. 

The Jamstack website is built using a stack ground decoupled approach, and it gives several benefits like speed, security, scalability, serviceability and simplicity. All these “S” combines built a modern website that performs better on any device or screen resolution. 

Sped up Mobile Pages Vs Web vitals

Traditional WordPress websites are difficult to manage on other devices like mobile phones and tabs as it requires more speed and load time of the page increases due to slower internet or the page adjustment over the screen size and resolution. 

The Jamstack WordPress website is advanced 10 times faster in loading the page and responsive for the screen resolution and mobile devices so it is an added feature that is gained effortlessly with headless WordPress. 

Mobile App Vs PWA

The best and most important feature for ecommerce businesses and other online product businesses is to build an application for their clients. The traditional approach does not involve any mobile application of Progressive Web Application approach;Build it separately using another hosting, development and cost. 

The headless WordPress website built using frontend on stack ground Gatsby or NextJS have PWA features that is an inbuilt facility and comes without any extra cost. Modern technology allows you to offer the mobile app experience through a web browser. 

Platforms for Headless WordPress and Jamstack

The modern websites built using Jamstack technology are trending. And more and more platforms are being built using this technology and also enabling WordPress as the headless WordPress with Gatsby and NextJS. Like Stackground is the modern platform for building Jamstack themes using headless WordPress as backend and Gatsby, NextJS for frontend and hosting it using CDN/ ADN like Netlify and Vercel. The no-code platform offers several Jamstack themes designed to meet all the industrial needs like corporates, portfolio, blogs, magazines, ecommerce and local businesses and much more to offer without any coding knowledge. 

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