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A Google engineer proves that apps with camera access permissions on iOS can spy on us

A Google engineer proves that apps with camera access permissions on iOS can spy on us

We are more than accustomed to hearing about vulnerabilities or failures in network security protocols or operating systems, but what we will never end up getting used to is that this affects our privacy.

Remember the controversy over a photo of Zuckerberg in which his laptop appeared with the webcam and the microphone taped?

Well, it is possible that this type of invasion of privacy produced directly through the hardware of the devices is the most feared. And today the alarm has jumped again after testing a Google engineer, not within an investigation of the company itself, that the system of permits iOS opens the door to spy on us by using the cameras of our smartphones.

Google’s engineer, Felix Krause, has been given the watchful eye to ensure that any application that has permission to access the iPhone or iPad camera can do so at any time without the user being aware of it, with the front camera as well as the main camera.

For this to occur it is necessary that the application is running in the foreground. But what really worries privacy concerns is that Krause claims that the application in question could take a picture of the face of the owner of the mobile and even take advantage of face detection in real time to unlock access and permissions

The engineer has provided in his blog guidelines for Apple to know the security problem that has its system, and also suggests possible solutions such as adding temporary permissions to applications or apply an indicator to the OS that warns users that the camera is in operation. Apple, for its part, has not yet pronounced on this, neither to deny and reassure users nor to give any safety guidelines if it is true.


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