new updates
courtesy Google

A bunch of new updates has been declared by the Google

According to Google, a bunch of new updates has been announced.

These Google new updates make it possible for the developers of Google to create more functional apps that can better integrate with the Assistant device(Google Assistant device).

The major update which has been announced by the Google that the ability for developers to make apps that take benefits of having both a phone and a Google home with Assistant, authorizing Home devices to hand off request to Mobiles for realization of activities(like giving the money for a pizza you ordered on your Home). The applications will also be allowed by the Google to recognize implied requests so that one doesn’t have to call them out by his/her name. there is a big difference between saying “have the electronic bulb application turn off the lights” and “turn off the lights.”

new updates
Pic courtesy Google

It is being made easier for users to find applications for assistant by the Google. rather than of the hodgepodge of applications that are shown now, the Assistant companion application is getting “what’s trending” and “what’s new” sections to help popular integrations.

Another Major Addition is support for new languages. Applications will be written in different languages by the developers, for example, Italian, Spanish, Indian English, and Portuguese.

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