6 Tips To Make Impressive YouTube Thumbnail

6 Tips To Make Impressive YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for creating and sharing videos. Thus, there are millions of people, brands, and influencers trying to woo their customers. Some are extremely successful, while others are not so much.

While the content you put out on YouTube is one of the biggest factors for being successful. There are other things that you need to work on too. They include thumbnails, video titles, and so on.

You need to make sure your videos are appealing enough, and thus, thumbnails of your video are something you need to focus on. Thumbnails encourage people to watch your videos, it is a small image that customers see on YouTube search results. If your thumbnail is appealing, people will click on it and watch it. It will, in turn, tell the YouTube algorithm that people are liking your video, and will rank it higher. If you want your video to trend, don’t stop at quality content. Thumbnail, banner, marketing it on social media, and so on should be on your mind as well.


Since YouTube thumbnail is a crucial part of making the video appeal to the audience, here are some tips to get them right.


1. Make sure the pictures you use are relevant

The image that you use in your thumbnail must be relevant to the content that you are uploading. It is an important aspect of your brand image because if people click on the video and don’t find that the content matches the thumbnail, they will be disappointed. They will feel cheated, and they may never come back to your channel. To avoid this, make sure you never do this, even for click-bait purposes. It will provide quick views, but in long-term people won’t follow your channel. Make sure that the thumbnail tells a story.

Here are some tips that help you pick relevant images:

Take a still shot from your video and use it as the thumbnail. For a brand, it is important to include the logo.

Use the Canva to create a custom photo for your video that includes the title of the video.


2. Don’t be mysterious with your thumbnail

It is a common mistake that various experienced and new YouTubers make. And that is making your video thumbnail mysterious. They want the people to guess what the video is about, but unfortunately, people will scroll through your video. A viewer is looking for something specific like an answer to their problems and so on, and they will spend time on a video that shows in the thumbnail that they have the answers. They are not interested in guessing what your video is about.

Sometimes people with millions of followers get away with this. But that is only because they already have loyal customers who will watch anything that they upload.


3. Pay attention to technical details

You must pay attention to the technical details of your thumbnail. It means using the format and size that is standardized by YouTube for better visibility.

The format for uploading the thumbnail are- .BMP, .JPG, .PNG., or.GIF.

If you can use the original size of the photo, it is best. Otherwise, make sure that the size is such that it looks clear when you upload it. It should be clear and must not look too cluttered or busy, or pixelated no matter whether the user opens it on mobile or desktop.

Also, ensure that the file size is limited to 2MB.


4. Use images of people to connect better

Viewers love to see people on thumbnails, and they click on it fast. So, use the image of a human from the clip, or if it’s a personal channel, use your photo in a way that is relevant to the content. For instance, if you are sharing a vlog about a trip, share a photo of yourself near a famous monument for a better click rate.


5. Color matters

Choosing the perfect color for your thumbnail will help you get better feedback than other videos. Tips:

  • Use contrasting colors for graphics and test. It will make it easier to read.
  • Make use of white space for a more clean look on your image.


6. Title in thumbnail

Include a title in your thumbnail, it will help people identify your content fast. Ensure that the title is short and has at least one keyword.

Follow these tips to create an impressive YouTube thumbnail now.

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