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15 facts about Mortal Kombat video game and the Mortal Kombat movie

15 facts you should know about Mortal Kombat game

Facts you did not know about the top fighter video game and the Mortal Kombat movie. From the game to the big screen there are many mysteries surrounding the project.

When it was time to play Mortal Kombat you knew how honest and humble the fighting game was and it has evolved as one of the best of all time.

From the game to the big screen there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the project and you need to know them to walk as wiser in your life.

  • Brandon Lee aka Koraki was the one who would play Johny Cage in the movie Mortal Kombat, but he was killed during the filming of “The Crow”.
  • Jean Claude Van-Damme dismissed Cage’s role and preferred to play Street Fighter film with the known results (bad). Production then offered Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise the role of Cage.
  • Liu Kang’s character was based on Bruce Lee’s great legend and was one of the most powerful options in the video game.
  • Oriental film was at the top of Box Office for three weeks
  • The characters of Raiden and Shang Tsung were inspired by the Big Trouble in Little China, the bad guy who blew lightning but also Lopan.
  • Chris Casamassa, who eventually took Scorpion’s role in the film, was initially hired for a stunt, but he was so good to offer him the role.
  • Cameron Diaz would play Sonya Blade in the first film but she broke her hand and could not get involved in the film.
  • Before the game was called Mortal Kombat, the creators had thought of other names like “Kumite“, “Dragon Attack“, “Deathblow” and “Fatality.”
  • When the game was transferred to Nintendo’s console, it was not allowed to appear blood, and when you hit the opponent, there were several sweets! In Genesis, however, with a hidden code, blood was coming out normally.
  • Mortal Kombat was the first game in history to set a date of circulation with countdown alongside in America and England with the name Mortal Monday.
  • Liu Kang is the only character in the game that his fatality did not kill his opponent. The reason why they planned it was that he was once a monk Shaolin and was not as merciless as he should.
  • Originally, Reptile would not be included in the film, but the fans of the time came out of it when they knew they would be missing and put it in the movie from the … window.
  • Mortal Kombat was designed by four people within 10 months!
  • The game was based on Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport movie, while producers proposed to become a Universal Soldier game, Midway did not find it a good idea.
  • They fought it mercilessly because they considered it too violent for the time.

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