Will the Samsung Galaxy X be a phone for gamers?
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Samsung Galaxy X

Will the Samsung Galaxy X be a phone for gamers?

There is less left for Samsung to present the manufacturer’s first phone with a flexible screen. We talk about the Samsung Galaxy X, a device that could see the light in the next edition of the Mobile World Congress. With the closeness of this expected presentation does not stop to emerging information. The last? A new patent for a possible Samsung Galaxy X oriented for the most gamers.

A few weeks ago the possible interface of the Samsung Galaxy X was leaked and, seeing this latest patent, it is increasingly likely that this is the final design of the first phone of the Korean manufacturer with the flexible screen. And now with the new images that accompany this article, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy X will be an ideal phone to enjoy video games.

This Samsung Galaxy X patent shows a phone oriented to play

It is clear that the new Samsung patent shows a folding smartphone focused on the world of video games. Its design, reminiscent of the Nintendo DS console would have two screens joined by hinges, a system similar to ZTE Axon M but with a much smaller screen spacing.

And eye, that this new patent of the Samsung Galaxy X is not exactly old: the manufacturer based in Seoul requested it on April 24, 2017, so the date is quite recent. Obviously, we can not guarantee that the design of the Samsung Galaxy X will be this but increasingly there are more numbers so that finally Samsung’s folding smartphone has a system consisting of two screens.

There are still a few months left for us to see what this Samsung Galaxy X will be like. We may get a surprise and the manufacturer will present the presentation to the CES of Las Vegas, an ideal environment to present a device of this type, but it is a date too early for what is more likely that we have to wait for the next edition of the Mobile World Congress to see what the Asian giant surprises us with.

Remember that Samsung p aims to launch very few units of this new folding phone so it is also possible that there are several models of Samsung Galaxy X with different designs. In this way, the manufacturer could know which model is more successful in the market and focus on the most successful version for when it intends to produce its flexible phone on a large scale.

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