Why Facebook Failed to Secure Million of User's Data
facebook failed to secure Million of users data

Why Facebook Failed to Secure Million of User’s Data

Massive unsecured information containing many several phone numbers and different info joined to Facebook accounts discovered on-line, TechCrunch reportable weekday.
The exposed server contained over 419 million records over many databases on users across geographies, as well as 133 million records on U.S.-based Facebook users, eighteen million records of users within the U.K., and another with quite fifty million documents on users in Vietnam.

In the beginning of the social media, many of us almost not much thought about handling our personal information to a social media platform, assuming that they would never misuse our data, or how could someone use our personal information on some other platform.

Each record within the information enclosed a number in conjunction with Associate in Nursing symbol that would trace back to a particular Facebook account. A number of the files even encompassed the user’s name and gender.

The information was taken offline once TechCrunch contacted the net host.

Facebook confirmed the report and aforementioned it was work. A representative for the corporate additionally claimed that the particular variety of users whose info was exposed was some 210m as a result of the 419m records contained duplicates.

A Facebook exponent aforesaid, “This dataset is previous and seems to own info obtained before we have a tendency to created changes last year to get rid of people’s ability to search out others victimization their phone numbers. The dataset has been taken down, and that we have seen no proof that Facebook accounts were compromised. The underlying issue was self-addressed as a part of a Newsroom post on Gregorian calendar month fourth, 2018, by Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer.”


There is no such thing as 100% security.

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