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whatsapp video calls in groups

Video calls in the group, the new WhatsApp function

WhatsApp is one of the applications of instant messaging with more users around the world and to maintain the popularity the teams in charge of the development of this application cannot stop innovating and updating it to respond to the demands of the users.

In recent years the changes have come one after the other to improve the application and adapt it to new needs. Now the next big thing could be the group video call. According to several media, the beta version for Android includes this feature.

The feature has appeared in the beta version for Android devices 2.18.39. Most likely, the company is testing the new feature with some users, which would indicate that it plans to introduce it in the official version of the application in the future. 

This feature present in the beta allows video calls with up to three users at a time and would work as follows: the first call would be made between two users, as before, and then one of them could invite a third user to participate in the conversation.

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The video call function between two people, introduced in WhatsApp at the end of 2016, is one of the most popular of the application along with voice calls, since they are made through the Internet and not through the telephone line.

In addition, group video calls are one of the functions most requested by users. When Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, added this feature in Messenger, the number of video calls doubled, reaching 17,000 million calls in a year.

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