Twitter explains why it does not expel Donald Trump
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Twitter explains why it does not expel Donald Trump

The rules of use of Twitter prohibit messages that incite violence. That’s why users around the world are calling for Donald Trump to be expelled for breach. The President of the United States is a big fan of this social network, but on numerous occasions, he has used his account to threaten or share offensive content.

Now Twitter has justified his decision to keep him active in a post about ” World Leaders on Twitter “. Without mentioning Trump even once, the network explains that blocking these leaders would be “hiding important information that people should see and discuss. ”

The rules do not apply so rigorously to elected leaders because of the role they play and the ” enormous impact ” they have on our society. According to Twitter, the messages of these characters are judged “in the political context that defines them” and enforces their rules accordingly.

Thus, elected leaders join the group of exceptions to the new Twitter code of conduct, which exempts governments, armies, and groups in peace processes from complying with regulations.

Only a month ago the network launched new rules of use to put an end to insulting or threatening messages on the Internet. According to the new regulations, Twitter reserves the right to intervene any offensive comment and even expel the recidivist user.


The new rules prohibit any type of message that encourages abusive behavior or that promotes violence, whether inside or outside the networks. Trump’s war messages seem to violate these rules.

Last week he posted a message threatening the North Korean leader by pressing the nuclear button. On another occasion, Trump retweeted three Islamophobic videos published by the leader of the far-right party Britain First.

Although Twitter says in the same statement that no user defines their decisions, many believe that the network prefers not to act against the US president since he is a very active user with many followers.

While Twitter maintains Donald Trump and allows him to post provocative messages, organizations of disgruntled users continue to protest in front of the company’s headquarters. Last week they posted messages against the network on the walls of the Twitter building in San Francisco, according to The Verge.

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