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Top 10 Richest Youtubers who have the most subscribed Youtube channels

Youtube is the platform, where you upload videos and earn from them. In this article, I’m going to tell you the most Richest Youtubers who have most subscribed Youtube Channels.

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Now, let’s Check out top 10 youtubers and you can call them the Richest Youtubers.

Here is the list of Top 10 Richest Youtubers

These are the top Youtube Stars. People like to watch their Videos. In the List of Top Youtubers, I’ll tell you their Earning Because they are Top Youtube Earners.

1- Daniel Middleton

Daniel Middleton is the Richest Youtuber in the world. Daniel Middleton has been interviewed on BBC NEWS.


Daniel Middleton is 26 years old Youtube Star


His Official Channel has 17,744,282 subscribers on Youtube.

Yearly Earning

According to BBC Website, Daniel Middleton Earns 16.5 million dollars- $ 16.5m (£ 12.3m) in a year.

Total Views

Currently, His channel has Almost 11 billion Views.

Channel Name


Daniel Middleton created his Youtube Channel in 2012. His Channel is About Game Discussion.

Daniel Middleton belongs to the UK.

2- Evan Fong

Evan Fong gets the position number 2 on the list of top 10 richest Youtubers.


Evan Fong is 25 years old Youtube Star.


His Channel has 22,332,713 subscribers.

Yearly Earning

According to BBC Website Evan Fon Earns almost 15.5 million dollars- $ 15.5m (£ 11.6m) in a year.

Total Views


Channel Name

Vanoss Gaming

Evan Fong created his Channel in 2011. His channel is about Gaming Discussion.

Evan Fong belongs to Canada.

3- Dude Perfect

It’s not just one person, they are five. Their channel began to get subscribers while the young people were recorded playing video games and making jokes.



Yearly Earning

14 million dollars- $14m (£10.5m)

Total Views


Channel Name

Dude Perfect

They created their Channel on Youtube in 2009. They have also made their own clothing brand: they sell sweatshirts, shirts, and caps.

4- Mark Fischbach

  • Fischbach likes to be called Markiplier
  • He became famous playing video games accompanied by funny or dramatic comments


28 years old



Yearly Earning

12.5 million dollars- $ 12.5m (£ 9.3m)

Total Views


Channel Name


The young man, from his earnings, donates 2.5 million euros to charity.

5- Logan Paul

  • The protagonist of one of the most talked about controversies among the youtubers is Logan Paul.
  • Logan Paul has two Channels one for his ‘vlogs ‘ & another where a more varied content comes up.
  • He also has his own clothing brand called Maverick.


22 years old



Second Channel’s subscribers


Yearly Earning

12.5 million dollars- $ 12.5m (£ 9.3m)

Total Views


Second Channel’s total views


Channel Name

Logan Paul Vlogs

Second Channel Name


6- Felix Kjellberg

  • Felix Kjellberg is also known as PewDiePie.
  • He had always been at the top of the charts but racist statements made last year made him lose large sponsors, which earned him less money.


28 years old



Yearly Earning

12 million dollars- $ 12m (£ 9m)

Total Views


Channel Name


  • PewDiePie is the one who has more subscribers than Others.
  • He can’t be on the top of the list because it’s all about the Richest Youtubers.
  • PewDiePie lost a few sponsors that’s why he earned less money than others and he occupies 6th place in the list.
  • PewDiePie can be Called the best Youtuber, the biggest Youtube Star.

7- Jake Paul

  • Jake Paul is Logan Paul’s Brother.
  • Jake Paul worked at Disney Channel.


21 years old



Yearly Earning

11.5 million dollars- $ 11.5m (£ 8.6m)

Total Views


Channel Name

Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s full name is Jake Joseph Paul. He is an American Actor but he is famous for his Vlog.

8- Smosh

Despite having separated after 12 years working together, this couple of comedians, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, reached 11 million dollars{( $ 11m (£ 8.2m)}, more than 8.5 million euros. They became famous after being the pioneers in humor videos, where their channel still has 22 million subscribers, a total of 942 videos with almost 7 billion views.

9- Ryan Toys Review

Charging the same as the couple of comedians Smosh – 11 million dollars{( $ 11m (£ 8.2m)}, more than 8.5 million euros – is the only child on the list. He is 6 years old and in his videos, he has seen opening presents and commenting. Now, in addition, it has family videos and even animations. Its channel, which began in 2015, has 11 million subscribers and the total of views of its videos already exceeds 18 billion visits.

10- Lilly Singh

If Ryan ToysReview was the only child on the list, this 29-year-old is the only woman. Its channel, opened in 2010, has 13 million subscribers and earns 10.5 million dollars{$ 10.5m (£ 7.8m)}, some 8 million euros. In addition to making comic videos in which She tells the adventures of his life accompanied by friends or family, She makes critiques, videos to motivate others, has published two books, raps and has also made collaborations within the cinema.


All the details mentioned above were taken from BBC or Other News Channels or sites.

According to Report the best Youtube Star is PewDiePie.

The richest Youtuber in the world is Daniel Middleton

These are the Youtube Stars, the Richest Youtubers who have the most Subscribed Youtube Channels.

I hope this would be interesting.

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