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Fisker Emotion, the future rival of the Tesla Model S … if it is manufactured

Fisker Emotion

Being still a vehicle of presence, the new Fisker Emotion is shaping up as a possible rival of the Tesla Model S P100D or the future Porsche Mission E (planned for 2020). All this as long as it finally happens, since today we have not even assigned a plant for …

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What do the Car’s Warning lights mean? if you have a car you must know

Many drivers are unaware of the meaning of the lights that are sometimes lit in the instrument cluster. They are witnesses of colors, whose meaning is well explained in the vehicle manual and which alerts us to the mechanical incidents that occur in the car. In this article, we show …

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The land vehicle that will travel more than 1,600 km / h

land vehicle

The race to manufacture the land vehicle that will travel more than 1,600 km / h A British team is making a car that will reach 1,610km / h. Driven by a jet engine, it wants to become the fastest land vehicle in the world, surpassing the current record of …

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