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What Happens If You FALL INTO A Black Hole?

What Happens If You FALL INTO A Black Hole.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fall into a black hole? They’re the most mysterious and one of the least understood phenomena of the Universe, something countless sci-fi stories have explored. But what would really happen if you fell into a black hole? While the truth …

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Meteor video shooting across the sky


This is the fact that we can’t see many things which are farthest from us. We see the moon at night but we can’t walk on the moon. We see the sun every day but we can’t approach to the sun. There are lots of things or object we see but we …

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Universe definition science & theories of the universe

Universe definition origin you should know

The universe is a term of great abstract and complex proportions derived from the Latin “Universus”, composed of “Unus” which means “One” and “Versus” which means “Turned or Converted”; that is, “One and all that surrounds it”. Universe definition origin The universe is everything that exists and the place it …

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