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Google map is going to be officially a gaming platform

google map game

Recently, a wave of mobile games based on the user’s geolocation was announced, with varied themes from The Walking Dead to Jurassic World. It turns out that these games have more in common than it seems: all are powered by Google Maps. Google has announced that it is opening its …

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How to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

How to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

Facebook has many functions to configure the privacy of the profiles, but none of them lets you know if any of your contacts has blocked you. To say that someone has chosen to eliminate you from your life is never fun, even if it is only virtually, but if you …

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YouTube ads hijack your processor to undermine Cryptocurrency

YouTube ads

Security: A campaign of booby-trapped advertising is currently running in Europe, particularly in France. This encrypting can exploit up to 80% of the CPU of the victim machine. Watch out for ads that you click on YouTube. The security editor Trend Micro alert on an ongoing campaign combining pups traps …

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How to know if your computer or mobile phone is affected by serious security vulnerability

security vulnerability

Google security experts found in June 2017 a combination of vulnerabilities in the way that several modern microprocessor models manage the data they handle. A simple summary is that they allow almost any element of the machine to access the data in the memory of others. That is, a web …

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Apple could merge iOS and macOS in 2018, The goal is that there is only one app store for all devices


Now developers create two different versions of each application, one for iOS and one for macOS. MacOS has some of the best applications for Apple devices, but they are few and often outdated; while iOS keeps a library full of all kinds of apps that are up to date. To …

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This app alerts you if there are bystanders reading your private conversations

Google has the definitive solution to protect your private conversations from the furtive looks of the most gossips. According to The Verge, two researchers from Google have developed an application that detects when someone is looking at the screen of your mobile. The application, which is called E-screen protector, uses …

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Prominent SEO updates coming to Google through 2018


SEO updates Visits from Google continue to be the source of traffic for successful sites, and interest in ranking on search results continues to persist with webmasters. Although a number of sites have boosted traffic sources and are buying visits from social networks like Facebook, Google remains a free source …

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Google increases the volume of search results snippets and will not affect sites

results snippets

Officially: Google increases the volume of search results snippets and will not affect sites Google has made an important change to its search results, saying it will not affect the ranking of search results snippets but it is just a normal procedure. The change focuses on the size of the …

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Google launches its new Mobile data saving app “Datally”

Datally app

Google launches its new Mobile data saving app “Datally” According to Media, The world’s biggest Search Engine “Google” launches a new mobile data saving app called Datally app. The main purpose of developing this app is to make easier ways for the users who are curious about their mobile data. As …

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A bunch of new updates has been declared by the Google

new updates

According to Google, a bunch of new updates has been announced. These Google new updates make it possible for the developers of Google to create more functional apps that can better integrate with the Assistant device(Google Assistant device). The major update which has been announced by the Google that the ability …

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