Rocksteady will announce Superman game in a few days
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According to rumors, Rocksteady will announce Superman game in a few days

Rocksteady will announce Superman game in a few days

4chan may not be the most reliable source in the world, but the information that its users have published in the last hours indicates that during the next week a video will be uploaded that Rocksteady would be developing superman game. Those responsible for the saga Batman: Arkham have been offering some clues about their next project and their announcement could be imminent, always according to the rumors.

The information is far from official, but the rumors surrounding a Superman game developed by this study have long circulated in the Internet gossip. Other rumors have spoken in the past of games starring Wonder Woman or the Suicide Squad, although Superman has always been the character of DC with more chances of becoming a real game.

The announcement of this rumored Superman game would occur through the next issue of Game Informer magazine, occupying its cover and a special report on its inside pages. In addition, if the announcement occurs, it would be very close in time to the premiere of the film Justice League. Although the presence of Superman in that tape has been avoided unveiled during the promotion, it seems evident that the character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and played by Henry Cavill since two films will be part of the supergroup.

Anyway, and always keeping in mind that the information is just a rumor, we hope to know something about the upcoming Rocksteady project during the next few days. They already told us that “it will drive us crazy” and we are looking forward to seeing it.

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