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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

Summary and full deferred of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

As usual after a Nintendo Direct, here we bring you details with everything that has been shown in the presentation, this time focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. We leave you with all the details:

Official press release:

Madrid, November 1, 2018 – The Nintendo Direct presentation on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ,which will be the last before the game’s release on December 7 exclusively for Nintendo Switch ,It has arrived loaded with news. Nintendo has shown a wide variety of new features, modes and fighters that are part of this immense crossroads of videogame worlds, and has offered details on the downloadable content that will soon follow. With the presentation of two new fighters, Ken, of Street Fighter, and Incineroar, of the Pokémon series, the squad of 74 wrestlers available on the day of the launch is completed. More fighters, scenarios and melodies will soon arrive in the form of downloadable content, which has also been discussed in the presentation. To see the full Nintendo Direct video, visit the Nintendo Direct website .

Nintendo has also announced an incentive for fans to be encouraged to buy the digital version of the game in advance. My Nintendo users who buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in advance in Nintendo eShop can earn twice as many gold points. This limited offer will only be available until Sunday, December 9.

Some of the novelties highlighted in the video are:

  • HadoKEN! : Ken, Ryu’s rival, arrives straight from the Street Fighter series and joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate squad as an Eco fighter. Ken’s appearance is based on the one he had on Super Street Fighter II Turbo . Although some of his movements are very similar to those of Ryu, Ken is slightly faster and his Hadoken has a form
  • Incineroar : The last fighter to join the fight comes by the hair to the launch of the game: it is Incineroar, the latest evolution of Litten, which appeared for the first time in Pokémon Soland Pokémon Luna games . Incineroar uses wrestling movements and his Final Smash, Hyperplancha Oscura X, is inspired by the Z movement he plays in Pokémon games.
  • Spirits : In the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many video game characters lose their forms and become “spirits”. Such spirits can serve as a kind of power-ups for the player’s main wrestler. There is a great variety of spirits, ranging from Chibi-Robo, to Dr. Wily and Tails, to Revolver Ocelot, and the list does not end there! Players can equip a primary spirit and several spirits to support their fighter to increase their powers or gain additional skills, such as speed and power, during the fighting. Combining different spirits is key to take advantage against certain rivals, which adds an element of strategy to the fight. Equipping a spirit is similar to equipping an amulet or accessory in a role-playing game.
  • Fighting with spirits : The main way to get spirits is by winning battles against them. After winning, the players will have to complete a challenge in the form of roulette to win the spirit in question.
  • Level up the spirits : The players can level up the spirits fighting with them, which will increase their power and, sometimes, even change their shape by another improved. The more you train the spirit and the higher your level, the more useful it will be
  • Combinations of spirits : The immense number of spirits available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allows you to create thousands of different combinations. The players will be more than pleasantly surprised with all the spirits that appear in the game. As it is possible for players to gather a considerable amount of spirits, the game will recommend some primary spirits and support to make it easier
  • Downloadable content : New fighters, scenarios and tunes will reach Super Smash Bros. Ultimate until the end of February 2020 in the form of downloadable paid content. For only € 5.99, players can buy a set of downloadable content that includes a new fighter (not an Eco fighter), a new stage and several melodies. On the other hand, if players purchase the Fighters Pass package for € 24.99, they will have access to the five sets (still not announced) as they become available. The sets include, in total, five fighters, five scenarios and multiple melodies. In addition, players who purchase the Fighters Pass will also receive an in-game suit based on Rex, from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, from December 7. Players who buy the digital version of the game in advance in Nintendo eShop, with the included Fighters Pass package, until Sunday, December 9, will receive double the gold points if they are My Nintendo users.
  • Bonus for first buyers : The Piranha Plant takes root! The first buyers will receive the iconic enemy of the Super Mario series , which arrives at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to set up bulla. If you buy the digital version of the game or register the game card on your Nintendo Switch console until January 31, 2019, you can get this new fighter when it is available around February 2019 if no additional cost. Starting today, fans can buy the game early and make sure to get the Piranha Plant.
  • New amiibo : All new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters , including downloadable content, will receive their own amiibo figures. Among them are Ken, Incineroar and the Piranha Plant, as well as the recently announced Simon Belmont and King K. Rool. The launch schedule is as follows, and more details will be offered in the future:
    • Inkling, Ridley and Wolf: December 7, 2018
    • King K. Rool, Ice Climbers and the Piranha Plant: February 15, 2019
    • Cinnamon, Pichu, Ken, Link boy and Daisy: 2019
  • “Adventure” mode : There may not be an adventure mode for a player similar to the Adventure Mode: The subspace emissary that appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl , but there is no doubt that something has caused characters of different video games to lose their bodies and transform into spirits. Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation has shown how it all starts, but Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros. series , wants to keep some aspects of this new mode secret until the game’s release …
  • Helpers : In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , helpers do what their own name suggests: they help players during combat! The assistants are based on known video game characters and each one has different powers, both attack and defense. The total number of assistants ascends to 59 and includes, among others, personages like Guile, of the series Street Fighter; Hans, from the Golden Sun RPGs ; the fly swatter, by Mario Paint ; and Spring Man, from ARMS .
  • Mii Fighters : Players can customize the outfit and voice of Mii fighters. In addition, new costumes have been added in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate .
  • Local or online game : Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allows players to face family and friends through the local game * or online **. The “For Fun” and “Seriously” options, from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS , are no longer available. Instead, the search for rivals is now based on three factors: preferred rules, which allows players to choose the rules of the match and pair with opponents with similar preferences; Smash level, an online ranking that matches players with a similar score; and, finally, the system will give priority to the geographical proximity between
  • Cooperative mode for two players : The union is strength! Two players can team up to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online using a single Nintendo Switch console, and face rival teams organized in the same way.
  • Mobile application: The Nintendo Switch Online mobile application allows players to talk with their friends when they are in a room thanks to voice chat. In addition, a mobile service called “Smash World” is being developed. Instead of focusing on statistics, the new service will allow players to post and watch videos, and enjoy other interesting features. Soon more details will be revealed
  • VIP Combat: When a player’s Smash level is high enough, he will be invited to compete in VIP combats within the game. These combats are aimed exclusively at the best players and the level of competition is very
  • Smash Badges : Players who want to compete online will have to create a unique Smash badge. In addition, players will receive the Smash badges of the rivals they defeat, and they can show them on their profile. Getting a lot of them is proof that great exploits have been achieved in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate .
  • Short messages : Players can choose from several predetermined short messages, assign them to the direction buttons and send them to other players before and after a fight. The game offers a wide variety of predetermined messages.
  • “Spectator” Mode : As in previous installments, it is possible to see the combats of other players with the “Spectator” mode. You can learn a lot of new strategies and techniques by watching them!
  • Search in 2nd plane: Players can enjoy other game modes while looking for online combat. Not all modes will be available during the wait, but it is useful to be entertained between online combat and
  • Rooms : Players can create custom rooms to play online and face opponents in a more private environment. You can enter the rooms to fight, wait or
  • Other functions : There are many more modes and settings in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , including:
    • Help : This mode is easily accessed through the side panel. Offers advice and explanations
    • Assault : In this mode the players will face an army of fighters in different scenarios. It is also possible to select the musical themes associated with a specific scenario to listen to them during the
    • Repetitions : Allows you to save the repetitions of the matches and even create videos with them to
    • Tips : This menu offers quick tips and tricks that are also displayed on the loading screens. You can organize the councils by category or
    • Challenges : Players can get in-game rewards for completing challenges. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , they are organized in the form of comics.
    • Record : Contains the history of combats. It is possible to consult the data of combats online and offline by
    • Store : Here players can exchange the game currency in exchange for musical themes, spirits and a wide variety of
    • Languages : Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has 11 different languages. The names and voices of the fighters can change according to the language
    • Strength adjustment : Players can adjust the strength of their fighters when they face others in the same console. This function, completely optional, is very useful to guarantee that the combat is
  • Events to test the game : Fans can check the game’s website for more information about upcoming events in which the game can be tested. The participants will be able to play with the 74

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