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Sony: Development of Death Stranding game is fast and a huge ad of its own in 2018 ..

During 2017 we were able to watch two shows of the mysterious game “Death Stranding” alongside the premiere of the last year 2016. The three performances were more confusing and confusing to the audience, who tried to discover something about the game’s story or style of play, but to no avail.

The three performances gave us three key characters in the game, which will be played by 3 of the biggest stars in the world of cinema. they are Norman Redus, Mad Mikkelson, and the famous film director Deltoro, but so far we did not know the role of these three characters in the game and every show we see gives more ambiguity From the previous and no one knows what is the story of the game and what is the role of these three people in the game and who will be the hero and the opponent.

Kojima spoke today during a special meeting with Gematsu in which he said:

The development of Death Stranding goes well until Sony tells us that for the first time they see a game being developed so quickly.

Sony also told them it was preparing for a huge game announcement in 2018 without giving details of the announcement, but expectations are about the review of the style of play for the first time and also there may be a launch date is revealed in the end.

What are your expectations about this huge announcement?

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