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How to send images using WhatsApp without losing quality

Instant messaging services are already part of our way of life. Every day, millions of people communicate through this medium, and WhatsApp continues to be crowned as the application of this nature most used by users around the world.

The functions that WhatsApp allows us to go beyond the text messaging system itself and one of the most used is the option to share multimedia content. The problem is that, in the case of photos, the application automatically compresses them, but there is a way to share photos using WhatsApp while maintaining their original size.

How to send images from iOS

To accomplish this, we will have to change the way we send the images normally, doing a little trick that will “trick” the application. For this, we will have to change the path through which we send the photo. In the case of Apple phones, we will first open WhatsApp and the chat with the contract group with whom we want to share the image.

Click on the icon in the form of a cross in the lower left and a drop-down will open with several options. In this case, instead of “Photos and Videos” we will choose “Document”. This will take us to the file browser of the phone (whatever we have in iCloud or storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox) and we just have to find the desired image and select it.

It is important that in order to carry this out we have saved the image in “Files” and not in the “Photos” gallery. If we have the photo in the gallery we can simply pass it to “Files” with just select it and choose the option to save it there.

How to send images from Android

In the case of Android the procedure is exactly the same except that instead of saving the files in iCloud, we will have them in other storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox (although these could also be used in iOS as we saw earlier).

It is important to bear in mind that with this trick you can only send files of up to 100 MB (more than enough for images) and that we can not see the image in preview as when we send it normally, so you have to be careful choose it and name clearly so as not to send another by mistake.

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