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Prominent SEO updates coming to Google through 2018

SEO updates

Visits from Google continue to be the source of traffic for successful sites, and interest in ranking on search results continues to persist with webmasters.

Although a number of sites have boosted traffic sources and are buying visits from social networks like Facebook, Google remains a free source of round-the-clock visits and the best social networking site in the quality of traffic it brings.

SEO updates coming to the world’s largest search engine in 2018 will focus on improving different aspects in order to provide the best search results for users and encourage them to search more using their search engine.

In general, we will see new versions of Panda and Penguin updates to fight stolen and copied content and to influence search results.

There are many other updates, including Hummingbird, Pigeon, RankBrain, Possum, and Fred, which seek to increase the quality of search results and eliminate poor quality results.

It will also increase search engine intelligence and its ability to deliver search results not only based on keywords but in the context of search and location, and the better understanding of users.

In 2018, the global search engine is expected to see sites that steal content from torrent sites and download stolen books and movies.

Websites that frequently plant ads on content or exploit illegal traffic will be penalized, as well as manipulating the content of unacceptably fast pages that Google will penalize.

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