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How to send images using WhatsApp without losing quality


Instant messaging services are already part of our way of life. Every day, millions of people communicate through this medium, and WhatsApp continues to be crowned as the application of this nature most used by users around the world. The functions that WhatsApp allows us to go beyond the text …

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Google launches its new Mobile data saving app “Datally”

Datally app

Google launches its new Mobile data saving app “Datally” According to Media, The world’s biggest Search Engine “Google” launches a new mobile data saving app called Datally app. The main purpose of developing this app is to make easier ways for the users who are curious about their mobile data. As …

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A Political Robot has been developed with an artificial intelligence

Political Robot

Are you interested in Politics? Do you want to join politics? which political party you should join? There are a lot of questions yet to be answered, But what happens if your leader is a Political Robot? Yes, Robot Politician. A research was conducted in New Zealand and finally, it …

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Best deals for buying tablets, Games, TVs and Laptops on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Best deals for buying tablets, Games, TVs, and Laptops on Cyber Monday Have you missed the shopping on Black Friday? So Don’t worry, you are going to buy things at Cheapest rates on this Cyber Monday. The best deals for buying on Cyber Monday are Out, there are a lot …

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Deputy information Commissioner warns over Net-Connected Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

As you probably know that Net-connected Gadgets and toys are bought as Christmas Gifts and these gifts could put the safety and privacy of your children at risk, it has been warned by the UK’s data regulator. According to Deputy information Commissioner Steve wood., You should be aware of the …

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Facebook Messenger will support 4K image exchange

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is rapidly adding more features to its services and has added a new feature to Facebook Messenger that will be available to all users in the coming weeks. The new feature comes to improve the experience of high-quality image sharing through the application, which will support sending and receiving …

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Download Navbar Application to customize the navigation bar in Android

Navbar application

Download Navbar Application to customize the navigation bar in Android In general, when it comes to customizing the phone, we find that the Android system is the most customizable of any other system. Regardless of the default customization tools that come preinstalled with the phone, there is a set of …

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The difference between deleting and disabling Facebook account and how to delete it forever

Facebook account

There is a big difference between deleting the Facebook account and disabling the account and this is not known to many users, deleting the account means not being able to return to it again, but disable the account means closing it temporarily and refer to it again whenever you like. …

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The Honda Civic Type R “Best Performance Car”

Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R Review The new Honda Civic Type R won the ‘Best Performance Car’ category in the Women’s World Automotive Challenge of the Year. This international prize institution is unique, as the jury consists only of female representatives. The last distinction of Civic Type R comes in …

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15 facts about Mortal Kombat video game and the Mortal Kombat movie

Mortal Kombat

15 facts you should know about Mortal Kombat game Facts you did not know about the top fighter video game and the Mortal Kombat movie. From the game to the big screen there are many mysteries surrounding the project. When it was time to play Mortal Kombat you knew how …

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