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The game that promises to break the eggs to his friends

The game that promises to break the eggs to his friends

King of the Eggs, the new video game of Mr.Alpaca Games, promises to make the egg more than a food. Starting today, Steam will be a bomb and a warrior. We speak with Sebastian Lopez, CEO of the company that two years ago decided to “throw their eggs”. “I’m going …

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What about the bitcoin of a person who dies?


The security protocols and encryption that protect this cryptocurrency represent an obstacle to recovering entire fortunes in the case of an inheritance, for example. Five years ago, Matthew Moody died during an observation flight when the two-seater plane he was traveling in crashed during a flight over a canyon in …

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The fastest car in the world 2018 top speed

The Tesla Roadster

After seeing the ranking of the most expensive cars in the world, we pause to analyze the speed to present you the fastest car in the world 2018. The brand developed one of the greatest tributes of man to the automotive industry, a masterpiece of mechanics and engineering that symbolizes …

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Cybercriminals take advantage of Valentine’s Day for their new scam

Valentine's day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, fraudulent spam related to web pages and applications to find a partner increases. It has been detected by IBM Internet Security Systems, one of the largest computer and cybersecurity companies in the world, which attributes this increase to the Necurs botnet, the largest active distributor in …

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Video calls in the group, the new WhatsApp function

whatsapp video calls in groups

WhatsApp is one of the applications of instant messaging with more users around the world and to maintain the popularity the teams in charge of the development of this application cannot stop innovating and updating it to respond to the demands of the users. In recent years the changes have …

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The secret code that allows the boot of iOS devices has been leaked


It is the code that allows IOS devices, ie iPads, and iPhones, to boot and function correctly. iBoot is the name of the, up to date, private code that allowed the IOS to run on these devices and keep the information private. A report from Motherboard raised the alarm. The …

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GAB, the social network of the extreme right gets millionaire financing

GAB, the social network created by and for right-wingers under the umbrella of freedom of expression, has obtained $ 5 million of funding to expand and create a “protocol capable of avoiding censorship” thought “for people who believe in the freedom of expression, individual freedom and the free flow of …

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Tesla will start selling solar panels in wholesale stores

tesla solar panel

Tesla announced this week that in 2018 it will put its panels and other solar energy products on sale at Home Depot. After a year developing this technology, Tesla solar panels are already a reality and an alternative source to generate energy in homes. The products are already available on …

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How to send SMS messages using Alexa? Mobitechinfo


Yes, It is true that you can Send SMS Messages using Alexa because it has been declared by Amazon Today. Amazon declares today that it has launched a news SMS messaging feature for Alexa devices in America. This feature allows you to send the text to all your friends or …

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Google Launches Clips, the Camera That’s Always Watching

Google Clips

The controversial “hands-free” camera of Google is already on sale. As publishes Engadget, Google Clips can be purchased for $ 249 in the Google online store of some countries or book, although the first units will not be distributed until the end of February or early March. Google Clips is …

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