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YouTube ads hijack your processor to undermine Cryptocurrency

YouTube ads

Security: A campaign of booby-trapped advertising is currently running in Europe, particularly in France. This encrypting can exploit up to 80% of the CPU of the victim machine. Watch out for ads that you click on YouTube. The security editor Trend Micro alert on an ongoing campaign combining pups traps …

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iPhone could save your life with its new version of iOS 11

AML Technology

The new update of Apple’s operating system, version of iOS 11, brings with its multiple features. Among the most popular are the newly animated emojis, iCloud message synchronization, new battery-saving tools, a service similar to Pay Pal: an Apple Pay business chat and, most importantly, the tracing of emergency calls. …

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Facebook uses biometric technology to detect fake profiles

Despite being banned, China is Facebook's second largest customer

Facebook has acquired the software company Confirm. io, specializing in the purchase of ID cards. This is a measure that could help the famous social media site learn how people buy advertising. But this would not be the only reason why the world’s most famous social network has become interested …

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How you can buy Bitcoin with the Credit card. Should you buy with a Credit Card or not?


We’re aware of the current Condition of Digital Currency Bitcoin. It has been lowest in weeks. After knowing you may think to buy Bitcoins before it gets late. Bitcoin may go higher in the upcoming weeks or days. If you believe in Digital Currency and have been thinking to buy …

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50 Cent forgot that he was given 700 Bitcoin as part of an Album

50 Cent

As you probably know that Bitcoin is a digital currency which has made many people Richest. Curtis Jackson(Stage name 50 Cent) is one of them. According to Report published by TMZ that Curtis Jackson was the only artist who accepted the Payment in the form of Bitcoin. And his decision …

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Dragon Ball FighterZ review: A Kame Hame Straight to the Heart

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Kaaa-meee Haaa-meee… Haaaaaaaaaa! For a Dragon Ball fan, the iconic martial arts sleeve written and drawn by Akira Toriyama, it is inevitable not to get excited about launching Dragon Ball FighterZ, the video game that promises to make us feel like Goku, that we can throw energy balls, become a …

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DJI presents its new drone Mavic Air

Mavic Air

The Chinese company DJI has presented its new drone at an event in New York after several leaks in the last few days. The Quadricopter is an intermediate model between Mavic Pro and Spark, both in terms of appearance and performance, according to the Techcrunch website. Mavic Air is lightweight …

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Can the wing of a wounded butterfly be repaired?


It may seem incredible but with extreme delicacy and dexterity, it is possible to repair the broken wing of a butterfly. This is the case of Romy McCloskey, a young Texas designer who got a monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) to fly for the first time after reconstructing its broken wing. …

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Minecraft: a parallel world of 74 million active monthly players


Minecraft continues to grow disproportionately, so much so that it reached a new record last month, with 74 million active monthly users. The news has been released by Helen Chiang, the new head of the game who has been overseeing many contents for Minecraft for three years. During a telephone …

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A Tesla Model X stars in this surprising snow rescue

A Tesla Model X

Snow can be very treacherous and can become a great enemy for onboard travel of any type of vehicle. During the last few days, cold storms in different parts of the world have caused a multitude of complicated situations for drivers that have sometimes been surprising. And that was precisely …

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