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Facebook ensures that it does not sell information to anyone

Facebook wants you to know what it uses your data for

Facebook tries to turn the page after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and that’s why in the last few days it has driven some changes in data management. The most recent, announced yesterday, is the update of its conditions of use and data policy to make them easier to understand. This …

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Apple delays its most powerful computer until 2019

Apple delays its most powerful computer until 2019

Apple has made official what some enthusiasts of the company and professionals of the sector feared or expected. It has delayed the renewal of its flagship product, Mac Pro, to 2019. It is true that the company had not specifically promised to have it ready by 2018, but the lack …

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Game Crusader Kings II for Steam is offered for free and forever

Crusader Kings II

The company Paradox Interactive has decided to please all gamers with a free copy of their game Crusader Kings II, which can be obtained through the digital distribution service Steam. right now on Steam absolutely every gamer can get for free in his collection the full version of the historical …

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Russian astronomers have clarified the nature of plasma jets from black holes

plasma jets from black holes

An international team of scientists, including researchers from the FIAN, MIPT and the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov obtained an unprecedentedly accurate image of the formation of a plasma in the vicinity of a massive black hole. The structure of the jet was not able to achieve so far. The …

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We can now create our tournaments in Rocket League

rocket league

Psyonix continues to spoil everything that has to do with the post-release content of its brilliant and successful Rocket League and, this time has made the 1.43 update available to fans. This, known at the amateur level as “one of the Tournaments “, allows the users precisely to create their …

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NASA wants to Examine Uranus in search of gas


We keep hearing about Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune this is because we have an internet Connection and several auspicious devices. We don’t know well about those planets which are farthest from the Sun. Can NASA Examine Uranus? NASA is trying to determine those planets. the reason is to Examine Uranus and Other …

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Tesla recognizes a new fatal accident by an autonomous car

tesla car accident

The vehicle of the American company Tesla that last March 23 hit a barrier in Mountain View (California) had activated the automatic system, as confirmed last night the company in a statement, published on Saturday by local media. Shortly after the accident, the driver of the vehicle, Walter Huang, 38, …

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The American Astronomical Society highlights a study on underwater ‘hunting’ of neutrinos


The American Astronomical Society (AAS) has highlighted on its website an investigation that analyzes nine years of data collection on cosmic neutrinos (very small particles, virtually massless and traveling at high speeds through space) from the submarine telescope ANTARES, which it detects them when they interact in the rock of …

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STEPHEN HAWKING, the missionary of cosmology


Professor Stephen Hawking, who recently left us (January 8, 1942 – March 14, 2018), more than anyone showed his passion for deciphering the beginnings of the universe, that first spark that gave rise to everything that surrounds us and always He spoke to us in a language accessible to the …

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Konami registers the Silent Hill brand … but it’s not what you expected

Konami registers the Silent Hill brand ... but it's not what you expected

Thanks to the ever-vigilant eyes of a ResetEra user, it has been discovered how Silent Hill has been registered as a trademark in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This, in theory, could indicate some reactivation of the license either for remastering or a new game. However, this …

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