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For the first time, light is confined to an atom


The graphene is ensured that the material of the future for its amazing properties. Not only is it the finest that exists, but it is also very flexible and lightweight, but harder than steel, which makes it possible to create structures that are very light and resistant at the same …

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NASA discovers mysterious holes in the Arctic

Operation IceBridge of NASA. (POT)

After ten years and after many hours of flight over the Arctic, NASA’s Operation IceBridge – in charge of mapping the land and sea ice of the region – has discovered strange holes in the ice, with forms that until now They had never been observed. John Sonntag, the scientist …

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This is the most valid theory about the end of the universe

theory about the end of the universe

No one can say with certainty how the universe will end. We must rely on a theory, a model, which in this case is very ambitious: that of the entire universe. Cosmology is the branch of physics that studies the universe as a whole. In recent decades the “standard cosmological …

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The robot that destroys 200 iPhones per hour


Her name is Daisy and she is dedicated to recycling mobile phones. Specifically, it can destroy 200 mobile phones per minute. It is the new robot that has just presented Apple for the tasks of recycling and recovery of the iPhones in disuse. Daisy’s presentation coincides with the celebration of …

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NASA’s chief astronaut says “the first person on Mars should be a woman”

NASA's chief

A Senior Nasa engineer says that the first person on Mars should be a woman. Allison McIntyre, a senior Nasa engineer says that all twelve people who walked on the Moon were Men. Says declares that women should be the first person who walks on the Mars. According to BBC …

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This will be the biggest mammal that will remain in the future on earth

largest mammal

The human being is causing a selective extinction of big mammals throughout the world, at a level that had not occurred for 66 million years, at the end of the Cretaceous, when the dinosaurs disappeared. This is what concludes an investigation led by the State University of New Mexico in …

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How to Create the best Facebook Business page step by step

How to create a facebook business page

Facebook has become a Giant Social network. You should take benefit of this great Social site by spreading your Business. In order to do this, all you have to do is create a Facebook business page. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can create a Facebook …

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They complete a technology invented by Tesla that allowed recharging electric cars without having to stop

Tesla that allowed recharging electric cars

The professor of the Department of Engineering of the University of Colorado, Khurram Afridi, has recently presented his prototype of the “electric career”, to project that tends to make reality the possibility that vehicles can recharge their batteries without stopping. The professor has worked for two years with other scientists …

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Cristiano Ronaldo sent a T-shirt for a charity event to Chelyabinsk

cristiano ronaldo

Chelyabinsk players will be able to win a T-shirt with the autograph of football player Cristiano Ronaldo during the charity event “Champions for Kind Hearts”, the organizers say. “To take part in the action, you need to come to any match of the football team” Chelyabinsk “and get a ticket …

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A new theory explains how the strange moons of Mars formed

A new theory explains how the strange moons of Mars formed

Mars has two unique moons, which look more like asteroids than our own satellite. Phobos and Deimos were born about 4,000 million years ago, 600 million years after the formation of the Solar System, but its origin is still a mystery. The moons of the red planet owe their names …

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