Finally a new show of Overkill's The Walking Dead with more details ...
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The Walking Dead
Image source: Youtube Channel Overkill Software

Finally a new show of Overkill’s The Walking Dead with more details …

Finally a new show of Overkill’s The Walking Dead with more details…

Payday’s developers have revealed more details about their upcoming game Overkill’s The Walking Dead. The game will be a collaborative four-player with the first person perspective to take place in the state of Washington after a disaster that ends everything and only the dead who walk the streets of the city devour the bodies.

During the video you will see below, the first person named Eden, an architect, will be revealed and there will be more characters to be revealed later.

As mentioned earlier the game will be a cooperative of four players cooperate among themselves and each character will have characteristics and abilities distinct from each other as well as their own story and will be influential in the style of play and the course of events and the game will also rely on the construction of dams and traps to withstand the waves zombie attack and There will be a number of different missions and Raid that you will implement with the team that will allow you to collect more equipment that will be used to develop abilities and skills and also save people and expand the base to withstand more zombies.

The style of play will also be varied from direct attack to shooting, using hand-held weapons, or using stealth mode, depending on the team’s style of play.

The game did not get a specific launch date, and the devices that will be issued are not specified, but they are scheduled to be released during the last quarter of the next year 2018.

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