Super Mario Company Announces Nintendo Labo, a New Product Line
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Nintendo Labo

Super Mario Company Announces Nintendo Labo, a New Product Line

Cardboard accessories for playing video games. This is the idea behind Nintendo Labo, a surprising new product line that the Japanese company has just unveiled through a video that has been posted on its social networks. The invention consists of a series of cardboard mounting kits that, together with the Nintendo Switch system, will offer what Super Mario creators describe as “a new interactive experience that is perfect for children and adults alike.

Super Mario Company Announces Nintendo Labo, a New Product Line that Blends Video Games with Mounting Carton Accessories

Nintendo Labo will arrive at European stores on 27 April and will be presented in two kits: the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit.

Although its price has not yet been announced for the old continent, it will cost $69.99 and $79.99 in the United States, respectively. In addition to the cardboard gadgets, each pack will also include a game card for the Nintendo Switch system that will allow you to interact with these amazing accessories.

The Varied Kit will incorporate 28 cardboard sheets, as well as the stickers, ropes, and tapes needed to assemble a small house, a piano, a small vehicle, the handlebars of a motorbike and a fishing rod. Once mounted, the player must attach the Joy-Con Switch controls or the console screen itself to make these figures have sensors or a touch panel to play. Discovering the mechanical performance behind these small inventions will be part of the Nintendo Labo experience.

More complicated is the Robot Kit, an assembly kit that simulates a robotic armor and once assembled will allow the user to throw punches and kicks through a system of pulleys. Nintendo assures on its website that in both cases the use of glue or scissors will not be necessary, an interesting feature considering that they are two products that are well thought out for the youngest of the house. Also, as shown in the video presentation, the assembly instructions can be followed in great detail on the Switch screen.

Our goal is to draw smiles on the faces of anyone who approaches Nintendo,” said Nintendo Europe President Satoru Shibata. Nintendo Labo invites creative minds and game lovers to create, play and discover new ways to play with Switch,” he added.

The truth is that when the Japanese company announced yesterday that they would present “a new interactive experience” no one would have imagined that they would come up with such a radically different proposal. As it has been doing for years, Nintendo sets itself apart from other companies in the electronic entertainment sector and offers innovative ideas aimed at the familiar public, often closer to toys than to video games. It should come as no surprise to anyone coming from this century-old company that, long before devoting itself to manufacturing consoles and software, stood out for its card games and original toys.

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