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Kinect Device

Microsoft Terminates Kinect Device- MobiTechinfo

Microsoft Terminates Kinect Device

Microsoft has ended its Kinect device control camera by shutting it down, and the motion sensor and voice recognition of the Xbox One console and Windows operating system will disappear from the store shelves as soon as the current stock runs out, meaning that the company recognized at the end Kinect is already dead, according to a new report from the company, Co.Design.

This comes after years of debate over whether the Kinect is really dead or not, and Microsoft has previously described the Kinect device as a key component of the Xbox One gaming platform. The software giant is now preparing to launch the new gaming console, the Xbox One X, 4K combined with solid hardware outperforms competitors, which is what the company is focusing on right now.

Kinect was first launched as an accessory to the Xbox 360 console in 2010, and the accessory helped give the old device some new life through easy-to-understand, motion-based games. The idea of playing without a joystick was appealing to users, Technology problems, since they require a great deal of space in front of the TV for motion and lighting that can easily interfere with the system.

With its launch of the new Xbox One, Microsoft plans to make the Kinect a key part of the gaming platform. The Xbox One was originally launched as an integrated entertainment device that can run game, video and music applications and provides direct access to cable TV. Kinect is an essential part of the plan with voice commands, hand gestures, and facial recognition capabilities.

Microsoft later dropped the idea of the need to connect the Kinect to the system at all times, but all the original Xbox was coming with Kinect when launched in 2013, bringing the price of the gaming platform up to $ 500, an increase of about $ 100 compared to With the PlayStation 4 platform, launched in the same year.

The new Kinect suffered a lack of admiration for the players, despite its evolution from the point of view. The additional cost brought by Kinect to the gaming platform was one of the factors that helped PlayStation 4 excel at an early stage of the gaming platform war. 2014 to sell the Xbox version at $ 400 without the Kinect.

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