A Mexican creates technology that recycles Wifi wave energy
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A Mexican creates technology that recycles Wifi wave energy

Through an innovative technology, an engineering graduate in Electrical and Electronics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) seeks to recycle the energy of invisible radio and wifi signals, among others that remain floating, for use in low consumption devices Of battery.

The technology is recycled radio frequency, which detects waves that are in the air to transform them into direct current, said the developer of the project called Freevolt, Manuel Piñuela Rangel.

In an interview with the Information Agency of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), the Mexican entrepreneur explained that changing batteries or recharging by cable is one of the major limitations of the market, so this technology reduces economic and environmental costs.

He added that this solution will change the way that low energy consumption devices are designed and charged today. 

“Everything we do with our cell phone generates a small charge of energy that remains floating in the air, so it is a great waste that nobody uses,” said the engineer.

Through the company Drayson Technologies, Piñuela Rangel, who also has collaboration with Excelsior Digital through the Clean Space app, has registered 18 patents; With the development of this technology, he was awarded as one of the 35 most important innovators under 35 years of age in Latin America by the MIT Technology Review magazine in Spanish.

The way to distribute their innovation is through user licenses, where large companies that want to use technology on their devices pay a certain percentage of royalties.

The company has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico. Derived from Freevolt technology, Piñuela Rangel made a solution to measure air quality using a sensor that is integrated into any smartphone.

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