It feels like Paper But it is not Paper

It feels like Paper But it is not Paper

reMarkable introduce the e-Ink writer tablet. It gives you a feel like you are writing on the paper, but as mentioned, it is not paper. Its design is very sophisticated and realistic.

There are some of the essential characteristics of this eInk tablet which are as follows:

  • Increase your focus
  • Understand and process more information
  • Improve your memory
  • Boost creativity and inspiration
  • Note every beautiful moment

While you can certainly use it to read eBooks, it also lets you highlight text or scribble annotations or sketch pictures in the margins of your books. And you can export anything you create on the tablet to a computer as a PDF or SVG file. Your data sync through the app and you can save all your data to your desired devices.

You will need to register your reMarkable tablet before you can use it – and to use it to its fullest you will need to install the reMarkable app, available for iOS, Android and desktop (you will need to create a My reMarkable account first). Your files are synced and backed up across devices, and the app is what allows you to add ebooks and PDF documents to your tablet.
As per storage, reMarkable includes 8GB internal storage, and 8GB of cloud storage (hosted via Google Cloud) to back up your files.


Despite these challenges, I’m pleased with the ReMarkable Paper Tablet. It has successfully replaced my paper notebooks, and the writing experience is quite satisfied; it is precisely what I needed, exceeding my expectations. The core experience of writing on the tablet is nothing short of incredible, and it needs to be felt to understand indeed. The hardware is well-built and feels excellent to hold. The stylus is simple, with no other accessories required to operate—no batteries or charging.

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