iPhone X could fall in price in 2018 for its 'poor performance'
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iPhone X could fall in price in 2018 for its ‘poor performance’

Despite the high expectations that Apple put in its top model that went on sale in November, the iPhone X, sales have been lower than what had been projected.

The high price of the device could be holding back potential buyers; Although they expected to sell up to 50 million units in the first quarter of 2018, the amount was reduced to 30 million, somewhat disappointing.

Taiwan, the United States, and Singapore are the main architects of the debacle; Given this, according to the DigiTimes specialized portal, a reduction in the price of the device could be achieved.

Added to this situation are the increasingly strong rumors that in 2018, Apple would present three models, two with OLED screen and another, very similar to the iPhone X, with LCD material, therefore, cheaper.

Another version of the iPhone SE is also expected, it has not been specified if it is part of the aforementioned, however, the phone offer would try to compensate for the low demand of the “X” model, so they would also have to reduce their price.

To the rumors, it is added that another model within the previous ones, would support a prototype version of the 5G network; Although Apple usually decreases the price of their devices with the departure of new models, it is likely – though unofficial – that in 2018 iPhone X, suffer a reduction in its price, substantial.

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