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How to put links on your Instagram profile

Now you can put links on your Instagram profile

The most recognized Instagram profiles, for example, the accounts of celebrities or influencers, when they reach a specific level, become verified accounts and obtain certain benefits, among them, the possibility of placing a link in the famous Instagram stories. A large number of users who do not have this privilege are asking the social network to change their policy. Faced with this situation, an external application appears that can solve this requirement, at least temporarily: Tap Bio.

Now, instead of constantly changing the URL of the Instagram profile, with this application it is possible to easily add slides (small images) equipped with links to whatever you want to share. Tap Bio can be a powerful tool for the stars of social networks, for entrepreneurs in the digital area or anyone who tries to promote themselves through the fashion platform.

On Instagram, you cannot post links. In any case, you can put one in your profile and you have to change it every time you want to share something new. In addition, the links in the subtitles of the publications do not generate hyperlinks and cannot be copied, unless they are specifically selected. This means that those links can not generate clicks.

Jesse Engle, CEO of Tap Bio explained that “the fact that it is not possible to link the publications has removed points to the quality of the users’ experience on the Instagram platform” and pointed out: “Sharing links is a tool that it can help many people who are aiming to promote something and in the social network there are many people who seek to reach a wider audience.

In the official website of Tap Bio, you can share your email to be notified of its release (Tap Bio)

Thanks to the application, one can display two columns of his recent posts on Instagram which will lead directly to the links that have been paired with those images. A second option is to offer a more visual full-screen profile with links to the other social networks of which it forms a part such as Twitter or YouTube, as well as personal blogs.

Tap Bio, at the moment, is in beta version. When the application is launched it will be completely free, yes: you can get some tools like functionality analysis paying between five and twelve dollars more for the application. It seems that the potential of Tap Bio goes beyond Instagram since it could become the ideal way to share your presence on the web.

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