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How to use Facebook safely on iPhone and iPad

How to use Facebook safely on iPhone and iPad

Mobile devices are becoming the most common platform for surfing the Internet and applications like Facebook are relegating web versions to the background. If you use this social network from an iOS device, make sure you do it in the safest way.

To start to check your privacy settings. Click on the icon of the three lines at the bottom of the application and choose ” Shortcuts to privacy “. Open the first option, ” Check privacy settings “, and follow the instructions.

During this check, you can adjust the privacy options. For example, control who can see your posts and delete the applications where you have logged in with Facebook that you no longer use.

After checking you can change the settings of the options below: Limit “friends” or “friends of friends” who can see your posts and who can find you on the network through your name or other information of your profile like the mobile or the email.


If you also want to protect your old publications, give ” More configuration options ” at the bottom of the shortcuts page, open the ” Privacy ” tab and then ” Limit who can see the previous posts “. Click on the phrase that appears in red.

Activate the alert that alerts you when you log in to unrecognized devices or browsers. You will find this option in ” Shortcuts to privacy “, ” More configuration options ” and within ” Security and login “. Choose the contact form you prefer: by notification, Messenger or email.

Do not allow the automatic update of the application, configure it so you can decide when you want to download it since the process consumes a lot of battery and mobile data. Do it by entering ” Settings ” of the device, ” General “, ” Update in the background ” and disable the Facebook tab.

Turn off Facebook’s access to the camera, the microphone and the location of your device

Use the options on the iPhone or iPad to limit the access of the Facebook application to features such as the camera, microphone, location, image folder, Siri, notifications or the use of mobile data. You can do it within the “Facebook” folder that you will find in ” Settings ” and within ” Privacy “, also in “Settings”.

Finally, it is worth remembering that you do not need to download the Facebook application to use the network from your mobile. You can access it from the browser: it is more secure, it does not occupy the device’s memory and most likely you end up spending less battery. You can keep it in a quick access in Safari to have it on hand and thus avoid notifications.


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