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[How to hack the iPhone on iOS 11]

Bypassing the password for an iPhone running iOS 11 is performed in several steps.

What you need to crack

This method has several “buts”. First, you need to know the phone number of the victim. Secondly, on the iPhone-assistant (let’s call your iPhone like this) FaceTime should be configured.

Finally, on the smartphone that you plan to hack, the Siri voice assistant must be enabled. If all three conditions are taken into account, you can proceed to hack.

How to hack the iPhone on iOS 11

1. Enter the phone number of the iPhone, where you plan to bypass the protection and call it by FaceTime.

2. On the hacked iPhone, you do not answer the phone. Instead, open the additional menu and select the item with the answer by SMS.

3. In the window that opens, enter any three emoticon emoji into the text string.

4. Clamp the Home key and ask Siri: “Open Settings”. The voice assistant will ask you to unlock the smartphone. Do not press anything and re-call Facetime from the assistant’s assistant.

5. Open the message (as in step 2) and click on the “Attach” icon. Choose the “Camera”.

6. Execute the piles to the left and get access to the thumbnails of the photos. Any of them can be sent to your smartphone assistant.

Testers claim that in iOS 11.1 beta 3, this bug was fixed by Apple. It only upsets the fact that millions of devices continue to work on the release of iOS 11.1.3 and iOS 11.1.

In any case, if intimate photos or pictures of important documents are stored on your iPhone, do not leave it unattended.

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