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How to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

How to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

Facebook has many functions to configure the privacy of the profiles, but none of them lets you know if any of your contacts has blocked you. To say that someone has chosen to eliminate you from your life is never fun, even if it is only virtually, but if you want to know if someone has decided to erase you from your circle, we give you some clues.

To begin, if someone is no longer listed among your contacts you can start to suspect. It is not the definitive method since it could have canceled the account and even been blocked by Facebook itself.

Although there is also another possibility. If other contacts can access your profile, or when you enter your page you can not see your activity or publish it on your wall, it may have partially blocked you.

How to get out of doubt

To leave doubts, you can always go to the Facebook search bar and enter the name of the person you suspect could have blocked you. If you can not find it, either you have blocked it, or you have configured your profile to not be found in the search engines or you have simply deleted your account.

It is clear that, if one of your contacts has decided to block you, you will not be able to see their profile, send them a friend request, send a message, or leave a comment.


If you save an old conversation between your Facebook messages, you can click on one of the people you want to know if you have deleted

At this point, if you still do not have them all and keep an old conversation between your Facebook messages with this person, you can click on it. If your name is painted black and you can not gossip your profile, it is highly likely that your account is still active but has definitely blocked you.

Conversely, if you appear as a Facebook user it is because you have deleted your account. Now, if you find your name when you find it and when you try to enter its profile, the message “This page is not available. It is possible that the link you have followed is broken or that the page has been deleted “, there is no doubt: they have blocked you.

Search a profile

If you need more elements to leave doubts, you can close your session on Facebook and look up your name or your profile on Google: “name of your friend Facebook”. If the search engine is able to find your Facebook page in the list of results and from there you are allowed to access your profile, it means that you have been blocked.

And finally, everything that is done on Facebook leaves a trace on the web. Some game applications are not updated. So, from your Facebook account, you can access the game that you both played and do a little search in the score tables or in your game profile. If you find it, it may be the definitive sign that it has blocked you.

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