Is Google Pixel 2 the best Android phone of the moment?
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Google Pixel 2

Is Google Pixel 2 the best Android phone of the moment?

It is no secret that much of the success of the iPhone has to do with the same thing that made the Mac a special computer: Apple creates the software and hardware of both devices.

Google wanted to do the same since it launched the first Pixel.

In the second generation of these phones has gone further.

Although Android is the most popular operating system in the world.

The last of its shoe remains that it is designed for very disparate devices. Which makes it less efficient in many ways than Apple’s iOS. The Google Pixel 2 in its standard version and XL, with a cutting-edge hardware designed by Google thanks to the collaboration with HTC engineers, tries to offer the same: what favors especially a cycle of updates much more intense.

In addition, the Mountain View company is known above all for being specialized in software development. And it shows in this terminal, in our case we have tested the Google 2 XL. Its advanced algorithms for the treatment of the images captured by its camera, up to the use of artificial intelligence in certain applications of the system, make it clear that we are dealing with a telephone whose strong point is software.

Although we should not underestimate the hardware of this terminal at all. Well it has a Snapdragon 835 processor , a six-inch Oled screen with dimensions 18: 9, four gigs of ram and 64 internal storage, fast charge battery of 3520 mAh (no problem to achieve with it a day of intensive use) , fingerprint reader on the back (easily accessible), camera with a stabilized lens with luminosity f / 1.8, and a quite successful design which includes water resistance.

In our opinion, the problem with this phone lies in its price: the 959 euros seem excessive to us. Although, yes, those looking for a high-end phone with Android and updates guaranteed for three years, probably do not see this figure as an insurmountable obstacle.


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