Google Launches Clips, the Camera That's Always Watching
Google Clips

Google Launches Clips, the Camera That’s Always Watching

The controversial “hands-free” camera of Google is already on sale. As publishes Engadget, Google Clips can be purchased for $ 249 in the Google online store of some countries or book, although the first units will not be distributed until the end of February or early March.

Google Clips is a small device with a built-in camera that takes photos and videos automatically. The user must keep it activated so that it captures the image all the time. Through artificial intelligence, it is able to determine which moment is the best to capture a snapshot.

Google has created this device for people who like to keep lots of photos, so they enjoy the experiences without having to be aware of the camera. No need to hold the camera or give the button: Google Clips can be placed on a table, a shelf or pinched in a shirt.

The main target is new parents, according to Google: “your day to day is full of first times” but sometimes you can not enjoy it completely because you are busy capturing it with the camera. “They end up seeing the world through a little screen instead of using all their senses. ”

Professional photographers have collaborated in the training of Clips algorithms

Since its presentation last October, Google Clips has received many criticisms of invasive. The idea of having a camera permanently monitoring has unleashed the controversy, as happened with the Google Glasses and other devices and applications that require maintaining an activated camera.

But Google is justified in saying that Clips works with its own hardware and is not connected to external servers, so there is no risk of external elements taking advantage of the device for surveillance purposes.


Clips works with artificial intelligence to determine what memorable moments you should record or when you need to capture a snapshot. According to Petapixel, this technology has been developed and trained with the collaboration of professional photographers.

For the training, they were based on a human-centered machine learning strategy. A photojournalist, a fine arts photographer and a documentary photographer were part of the team that aimed to answer the question “What makes a moment memorable?”.

“We had romantic conversations about the depth of field, rule of thirds, dramatic lighting, continuity, and storytelling .” Finally, they trainedGoogle  Clips in aspects such as composition, editing, and recognition of social norms to detect people willing to be photographed.


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