The game that promises to break the eggs to his friends
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The game that promises to break the eggs to his friends

The game that promises to break the eggs to his friends

King of the Eggs, the new video game of Mr.Alpaca Games, promises to make the egg more than a food. Starting today, Steam will be a bomb and a warrior. We speak with Sebastian Lopez, CEO of the company that two years ago decided to “throw their eggs”.

“I’m going to break your eggs” is what Sebastian Lopez now wants his friends to tell him.

It is a strange way of expressing gratitude, but ⎯ together with the other 10 members of “Mr.Alpaca Games” ⎯, he has made this phrase his mantra for two and a half years. While still a student of systems engineering, he wanted to develop a game. Every Sunday he met with designer friends, illustrators, and other engineers to shape the idea, and thus, they came to materialize something … destined to fail.

The original idea was about a child who would play with eggs at home. However, they soon realized that such a story did not enjoy any value proposition. It was as if Humpty Dumpty had fallen again from the wall. As much as they thought about the idea, they could not rescue a broken game.

Therefore, they took another egg to analyze how they could turn it into a good video game. To its fragility, they added something to him of royalty, something of a force, something of radiance and a little magic. Thus was born “King of the Eggs”, a video game that has three modes: “Football”, “Survival” and “King of the Hill”. After choosing one of four eggs, the objective is to destroy the others, make the gods protect you or be the last egg to survive. In short, it is about “breaking the eggs” to your opponents and who does not want to do it? That is a value proposition.

On February 15th, “King of the Eggs” is released on Steam and the four protagonist eggs have their own way of expressing their emotion. Archived, a noble winged knight, is sure to rain flames from the heavens and finally claim the throne of the universe. On the contrary, Anger, coldly, thinks that from the launch, all his enemies will dine in hell. Kai promises to avoid flames and infernos bringing beauty and harmony to the world and Oswald, for his part, says that all of the above are mere unfounded tantrums because the night and the swamp have given him visions in which he appears as the master of the world. However, it is up to each player to decide who is right, so have fun and, above all, do not forget to break the eggs to your friends.

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