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Facebook Messenger
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Facebook Messenger will support 4K image exchange

Facebook is rapidly adding more features to its services and has added a new feature to Facebook Messenger that will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

The new feature comes to improve the experience of high-quality image sharing through the application, which will support sending and receiving 4K images as these images are picked up by smartphones and sent to friends.

Usually, when you send a picture with this accuracy, the application sends it less accurately to the other party. This may not be satisfactory to your friends and may ask you to send it in attachments or zip file to get the high quality.

Therefore, the company decided to work to provide the exchange of these images with their original quality and started to support their exchange with such high precision in Canada, USA and some other countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, France, Britain and South Korea.

The company said that monthly 17 billion images are exchanged through conversations and messages, which in this step wants to increase the experience of use.

It is known that many of the leading phones support capturing 4K images as well as reading them with the same accuracy, and there is a tendency to receive them and buy them and use them in photography.

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