Dragon Ball FighterZ sets a new digital sales record
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Dragon Ball FighterZ
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Dragon Ball FighterZ sets a new digital sales record

What’s New in Goku is the best selling fighting game in digital format in history

Dragon Ball FighterZ does not stop in its efforts to break records; and that is the SuperData portal has just shared data from sales of digital video games worldwide, reaching an impressive 8,900 million dollars of profits, 11% more globally. And the Arc System Works game is one of the big winners.

And is that the title of Bandai Namco has positioned itself as the best-selling game in history in the genre of the fight in digital format after accounting for the units sold on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One through its digital platforms. Recall that Dragon Ball FighterZ has already exceeded two million copies sold, both in physical and digital format.

The PC ecosystem is the one with the highest growth with 24 %, while the role titles with a monthly subscription and the gender of social simulators are the most affected. On the other hand, the market for applications and video games for mobile phones continues betting strongly on the free-to-play business model with micropayments, generating more and more benefits.

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