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Mavic Air

DJI presents its new drone Mavic Air

The Chinese company DJI has presented its new drone at an event in New York after several leaks in the last few days. The Quadricopter is an intermediate model between Mavic Pro and Spark, both in terms of appearance and performance, according to the Techcrunch website.

Mavic Air is lightweight and foldable, smaller than Spark when dismantled. Performance is similar to Mavic Pro and will please users who consider Spark to be underpowered. Mavic Air can reach 70km/h and withstand winds up to 35km/h.

The new drone has a built-in 12-megapixel 4K camera and records video at 24 or 30 frames per second. You can take photos and videos in low-light environments and in high-light areas thanks to HDR. The camera lens is a wide-angle lens (24mm f/2.8).

Mavic Air has an 8GB internal memory that allows you to save photos and videos without adding a microSD card. DJI has redesigned the ventilation system to prevent overheating and has incorporated a new structure for the camera’s suspension, with 3 axes for smoother shots.

Folding, Mavic Air fits in jacket pocket

The company has progressed in software over previous models. You’ve added new photo modes such as the panorama option and improved gesture controls. According to DJI, they have developed a better image processing system for this model, to take pictures and videos of higher quality.

Other changes in the software according to the company itself include a new system to avoid obstacles from more sensors and improved algorithms. This system allows Mavic Air to outperform them instead of standing in front, as the previous models did.

DJI has not made any significant changes in the drone’s autonomy. Mavic Air can fly for 21 minutes – five minutes more than Spark, but six minutes less than Mavic Pro, and nine minutes less than Mavic Pro Platinum. However, Mavic Air does include a remote control in the price.

Now that GoPro has finally abandoned drone production, DJI has no other company that disputes control of the Quadricopter market. Mavic Air will go on sale this Sunday, January 28th and will be priced at $799 in the United States.

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