Facebook testing a new feature(Comment Button), it will help a lot of users
Comment button

Facebook testing a new feature(Comment Button), it will help a lot of users

A new feature(Comment Button)

We all know that Social Media sites are working on new additions and improvements to satisfy users and attract more users. This is what Facebook is doing now as it tests a new feature that many users may like.

As you probably know that if you want to share a post on your timeline but you don’t want to show this post to your friends. There is an option that helps you to share your post with yourself that option is called “Only me”. Before sharing the post on Facebook you are asked whether you want to share with your friends, family or Self.


And Now the Facebook has released a new feature it may be called “Comment button”. it should be noted this is not an official name.

The new feature is a new comment button that allows you to specify who can see your comment on a particular publication by clicking on it and choosing from one of the options: Show comment to the owner of the publication only or to friends only or to the owner of the publication and other commentators or to all.

This is now being thought it will help Facebook Users a lot because sometimes we don’t want to show the comments to our Family members if you’re writing comments on your friend’s post.

This feature is now available in a few countries to be tested first before it is available to all users. So far, there are no translations from Facebook for a unified user. All we have to do is wait.

What do you think of this feature? Do you see this released feature as useful to users? Waiting for the reply in comments …

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