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Christmas gifts

Deputy information Commissioner warns over Net-Connected Christmas gifts

As you probably know that Net-connected Gadgets and toys are bought as Christmas Gifts and these gifts could put the safety and privacy of your children at risk, it has been warned by the UK’s data regulator.

According to Deputy information Commissioner Steve wood., You should be aware of the poor security of the toys and it cannot be updated to fix bugs, easy to guess passwords.

He said, some toys are so poor in protection and these can be used by the Hackers as a route into a home network.

Steve wood’s Guidance for buying Christmas gifts

Steve wood advised parents to take care when buying the electronic devices.

You should be very careful when you’re buying any Electronic devices or toys online.

You must change the default setting, username, and password.

You must check all the options very carefully if you’re going to give Smartphone as a Christmas Gift. Don’t wait until Christmas Day.

“Parents should familiarise themselves the devices they have bought for their children and should ideally try out any gadget before wrapping it for Christmas Day“, Steve Added.

German regulator has banned some smartwatches after Wood’s warning.

The fact is that Electronic devices are the best way of hacking, hacking chances increases if your Privacy or security system decreases.

“People Must not ignore the Hackers and the devices which could be the reason for being hacked by the Cybercriminals” Nick Viney, from security firm McAfee Declared.

According to the research in mid of this month, the Experts have warned them about the security risks of different Net-Connected Devices and toys. It is written to the retailers to ask them to stop selling the Devices or toys.

Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-42114878

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