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What is Nebula and how are nebulae formed

What is Nebula? its concept and how are nebulae formed

In space, it is possible to locate impressive cosmic formations in every sense: from their fantastic appearance to their exquisite chemical composition. There are many, millions, but among them, a group stands out, called nebulas, which look like colorful clouds …

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NASA has carried out computer simulations that have shown that with spacecraft can take water samples and evaluate the potential of life

One of Jupiter's moons could hold life

A new analysis of the measurements made by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft, more than 20 years ago on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europe, has revealed that it could have enough ingredients to house life. The new study, published in the journal …

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Alter Ego: This student gives computer commands with the voice in his head!

MIT Media Lab

MIT student Arnav Kapur has developed a technology that allows him to communicate with his computer without speaking or typing in commands. Instead, he only has to formulate the command internally. A newly developed device called Alter Ego then captures …

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Pompeo spoke about Trump’s desire to replace the SVPD with a more secure transaction for the West

Pompeo spoke about Trump's desire to replace the SVPD with a more secure transaction for the West

The administration of President Donald Trump wants to replace the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (CFA) with an agreement that will reliably protect the US and its main allies in Europe from any hostile actions by Iran, and not only …

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ZTE goes down due to Trump’s sanctions and Google’s store policy

ZTE goes down due to Trump's sanctions and Google's store policy

It is dizzying to see how the sanctions against ZTE for selling phones to Iran and North Korea have caused the collapse of the Chinese company, which is experiencing a very critical situation. As explained in this information released by …

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Tesla advertises itself. See what it represents in 2018

The Tesla Roadster

Tesla has just published an advertising video on a global network in which it proudly presents its achievements to date, as well as the products that will be sold in the coming years. Undoubtedly, the company has had many successes …

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Why is tonight the best time of the year to observe Jupiter?

Why is tonight the best time of the year to observe Jupiter

The movement of the Earth, faster by being in an inner orbit, will cause that during the night of May 8 to 9 the planet Jupiter is located almost exactly opposite the sun as our planet passes between the two …

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Scientists obtain embryos without going through fertilization

The discovery could open a new era in fertilization treatments

“These results could help to better understand certain aspects of infertility and improve the results of assisted reproduction,” said Dusko Ilic of King’s College London. A group of scientists created “embryonic structures” next to an embryo in its infancy, from …

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The first NASA probe took off to discover the interior of Mars

The first NASA probe took off to discover the interior of Mars

After decades of exploring the surface of the red planet, this is the first mission to explore its interior and discover if 4,000 million years ago was habitable, and why, apparently, it is not. With the successful launch of the …

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Stephen Hawking’s final theory “origin of the Universe”

Stephen Hawking's final theory

Our universe is one among many. But the total number of universes is finite. And the multiple existing universes are similar among them. This is the final vision of the cosmos that Stephen Hawking developed in his last months before …

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