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A Danish ice hockey team signed a sponsorship deal and offered to pay the players to Bitcoin


According to, Danish ice hockey team Rungsted Seier Capital has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Bitcoin Suisse. He offered to pay the players with the cryptocurrency BILLING TO PAY WITH BITCOIN Nikolaj Rosenthal, a senior player from the club, accepted Bitcoin’s offer and apparently became the first professional …

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The best and easiest ways to Boost your home wifi for free


From a bit of skill and scissors to precise algorithms and a 3D printer, improving the wifi network of your home is easy if you know how The signal from the WiFi networks in our home and even in the office can be a source of constant frustration for many …

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How to protect your home’s Wifi against hacks

home wifi

Are you tired of having your home Wifi stolen? Do you think that a neighbor is using your Internet connection without your permission? We are going to teach you how to protect the wifi in your home to prevent friends or others from taking advantage of you through your router. …

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American girl used Bitcoin to move money to ISIS, US police reports


A woman from the USA used BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies to help the ISIS. The name of the woman is Zoobia Shahnaz. According to BBS, She is 27 years old and she has been charged with Bank fraud, planning to money laundering. According to Media report, she belongs to Pakistan. …

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The gaming PC that you could buy for € 4999 of the new iMac Pro

iMac Pro

Two days ago Apple began to sell the new iMac Pro, a computer that, by characteristics, has plenty of power to play, although many limitations due to the still large number of games that are not compatible with the operating system of Cupertino equipment. we wanted to take our imagination …

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Prominent SEO updates coming to Google through 2018


SEO updates Visits from Google continue to be the source of traffic for successful sites, and interest in ranking on search results continues to persist with webmasters. Although a number of sites have boosted traffic sources and are buying visits from social networks like Facebook, Google remains a free source …

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James Howells threw 7500 Bitcoin in the trash because of his girlfriend

James Howells

James Howells threw 7500 BitCoin in the trash and stopped the mining process because they annoyed his girlfriend A British man named James Howells works as an IT engineer who entered in the field of Bitcoin very early. He started in 2009 in the mining process and reached 7,500 Bitcoin …

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Google increases the volume of search results snippets and will not affect sites

results snippets

Officially: Google increases the volume of search results snippets and will not affect sites Google has made an important change to its search results, saying it will not affect the ranking of search results snippets but it is just a normal procedure. The change focuses on the size of the …

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The Winklevoss twins have become billionaires thanks to Bitcoin

The Winklevoss twins

The Winklevoss twins have become billionaires thanks to Bitcoin In 2013, Cameron and Taylor(The Winklevoss twins) decided to invest $ 11 million in the Bitcoin, where they bought a single bitcoin for $ 120 and have not sold anything yet, making them billionaires for the surprising rise of the Bitcoin …

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Apple TV will finally receive the Amazon Prime Video service

Amazon Prime Video

Apple TV will finally receive the Amazon Prime Video service Back in June, and specifically to its annual WWDC 2017 conference, Apple announced that its Amazon Prime Video content service will come to Apple TV before the end of this year, and it seems that the American company is keen …

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