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The Facebook picture of a girl drinking from a puddle moves and unworthy the networks


The image is shocking. A Mbyá Guarani girl tries to quench her thirst by drinking in a small puddle in a small square in Posadas (Argentina) that became her home, while her parents and siblings try to sell some handicrafts. The photo was published on the Facebook social network and …

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Snooze, the new Facebook function to silence friends


A new feature reaches the social media site Facebook. This one has the name of Snooze and offers the possibility of silencing the friends and, even, to the groups in which one is -without having to stop following them-. And, all this, for a certain time. A good option that …

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Facebook testing a new feature(Comment Button), it will help a lot of users

Comment button

A new feature(Comment Button) We all know that Social Media sites are working on new additions and improvements to satisfy users and attract more users. This is what Facebook is doing now as it tests a new feature that many users may like. As you probably know that if you …

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Facebook Messenger will support 4K image exchange

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is rapidly adding more features to its services and has added a new feature to Facebook Messenger that will be available to all users in the coming weeks. The new feature comes to improve the experience of high-quality image sharing through the application, which will support sending and receiving …

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The difference between deleting and disabling Facebook account and how to delete it forever

Facebook account

There is a big difference between deleting the Facebook account and disabling the account and this is not known to many users, deleting the account means not being able to return to it again, but disable the account means closing it temporarily and refer to it again whenever you like. …

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how to know who visited my facebook profile not in friends list

who viewed your Facebook profile

How to see who viewed your Facebook profile You have always been curious to know who visited my facebook profile today., Do you know why?? Yes! do you know? You think it is for feeding your ego and recognizing if the person you like looks for the way to observe …

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A loophole in WhatsApp can reveal the person you are talking to

loophole in WhatsApp

A loophole in WhatsApp The WhatsApp application comes with a feature called a loophole( A loophole in WhatsApp can reveal the person you are talking to) or that lets you know when someone is connected to the Internet or the last time that person was online. However, it also seems …

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Question: Does Facebook spy on users? Some answers yes

Facebook spy

Does Facebook spy on users? is it true that Facebook spy on Users?? What do the people think about this typical question? Most of the people have answered this question!!! Many users believe that Facebook is watching them and watching their conversations and that there is no privacy for users …

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Bing focuses on desktop search after losing the deal with Apple for Google

desktop search

Bing focuses on desktop search after losing the deal with Apple for Google Apple earlier this week decided to rely on Google in the service of personal assistant Siri, while Google’s default search engine in Safari on the iPhone and iPad and Mac, retains the default visual search for Microsoft’s …

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Instagram Users: Facebook-based image sharing service Users reach 800M

Instagram users

Instagram Users Instagram Users: The Facebook-based image sharing service Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said on Monday its 800 million monthly active users, including 500 million people, are using the site on a daily basis. The new figures indicate that 100 million users have joined in the period from …

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