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iPhone X could fall in price in 2018 for its ‘poor performance’

Despite the high expectations that Apple put in its top model that went on sale in November, the iPhone X, sales have been lower than what had been projected. The high price of the device could be holding back potential buyers; Although they expected to sell up to 50 million …

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Apple slows down older iPhone, Why do older iPhones slow down?

iPhones slow down

Apple is facing a new controversy around the iPhone these days. While the newest model, the iPhone X, wins awards to the best terminal of 2017, many users of models from previous years, such as iPhone6, iPhone6S, iPhone7, and iPhone SE, have noticed a reduction in the speed of the …

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iPhone slow? Maybe it’s the battery’s fault- MobiTechinfo

hack iphone

Some tests have shown that Apple limits performance on devices with deteriorated batteries. From Cupertino confirm and explain: serves to avoid the sudden shutdown of the smartphone If your iPhone is slow, it takes more than usual to load applications and the interface is not as smooth as when you …

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Apple could merge iOS and macOS in 2018, The goal is that there is only one app store for all devices


Now developers create two different versions of each application, one for iOS and one for macOS. MacOS has some of the best applications for Apple devices, but they are few and often outdated; while iOS keeps a library full of all kinds of apps that are up to date. To …

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Why is my iPhone going slow? We discover the reasons and solutions

hack iphone

As the fourth law of thermodynamics, an iPhone will begin to slow down over time. Technically the causes are of varied origin and not always usually noticed in time. It is a relatively progressive degradation that affects all the smartphones of other companies as well, and to a greater extent …

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Analyze the electromagnetic emissions of smartphones in search of security holes

electromagnetic emissions of smartphones

Researchers from the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) and the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) (Spain) are developing a tool that allows analyzing whether mobile phones can suffer cyber attacks to obtain encryption keys through their broadcasts Electromagnetic This platform, whose objective is to improve the security of …

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This app alerts you if there are bystanders reading your private conversations

Google has the definitive solution to protect your private conversations from the furtive looks of the most gossips. According to The Verge, two researchers from Google have developed an application that detects when someone is looking at the screen of your mobile. The application, which is called E-screen protector, uses …

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Will the Samsung Galaxy X be a phone for gamers?

Samsung Galaxy X

There is less left for Samsung to present the manufacturer’s first phone with a flexible screen. We talk about the Samsung Galaxy X, a device that could see the light in the next edition of the Mobile World Congress. With the closeness of this expected presentation does not stop to …

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Christmas shopping guide: the best Smartphones between 200 and 400 euros


Like it or not, Christmas is here. And yes, something that theoretically should start on December 25th, it goes ahead every year taking place a month earlier thanks to the purchases. Some say that “Christmas begins when Black Friday ends,” and they can not be more right. Shopping and more …

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OnePlus explains why they decided not to support Project Treble in its current hardware

Project Treble

OnePlus explains why they decided not to support Project Treble in its current hardware OnePlus has already confirmed that it has not supported the Project Treble feature in any of its current devices, including the recently launched OnePlus 5T. Now, our Chinese company has provided more information on this matter. …

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