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Super Mario Company Announces Nintendo Labo, a New Product Line

Nintendo Labo

Cardboard accessories for playing video games. This is the idea behind Nintendo Labo, a surprising new product line that the Japanese company has just unveiled through a video that has been posted on its social networks. The invention consists of a series of cardboard mounting kits that, together with the …

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No plans to bring the Netflix app to the Nintendo Switch


Netflix seems not to be destined to land on Nintendo Switch despite, in October, a series of rumors indicated the arrival of an application created ad hoc in early 2018. The news, which will generate some discussion, comes directly from Twitter and precisely from the customer service of the well-known …

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Red Dead Redemption 2 has been leaked from more than one source

Red Dead Redemption 2

It seems that the year 2018 will be the year of leaks, especially that it will see the launch of a large number of huge headlines and expected years ago, after we were this morning with the leak date of the launch of the game of God of War, which …

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Top 10 most anticipated video games of 2018

video games of 2018

After two years in which the video game sector has been on a very good run, 2018 has the challenge of keeping the bar high. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles have already reached full maturity and it is this year when we should start to see the games …

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Monster Hunter World on PC makes you wait, Output expected in the autumn

Monster Hunter World

  Monster Hunter World on PC will debut in the fall months. The announcement, which we are sure will not please many players, comes directly from the official Twitter profile of Monster Hunter. No more detailed information has been disseminated, so we do not know the exact month and the …

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TOP 10: The best video games of 2017

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against two notorious Arizona Based ROM sites

We have a few hours to Say Farwell to 2017, I’ve decided to write the best video games of 2017. In the year of the controversial loot boxes, at a time when the electronic entertainment industry reflects on how its future will be, good ideas (and good video games ) …

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GTA Online’ releases the new adversary mode Slashers


For the rhythm not to stop, Rockstar continues releasing free content for ‘GTA Online’. To open bite, the multiplayer component of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has received an update that, among other elements, adds a new and intense gameplay: Adversary Slashers mode. Slasher’s funny inducer of enthusiasm is back with …

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Simulated the climate of “Game of Thrones” VIDEO

game of thrones

The Throne of Swords, a hit television series in the world. Laurie Penny writes: Game of Thrones is the perfect story of our times. Stories help us to anticipate the trauma and prepare for it. We sit in front of the TV and imagine how we could overcome those horrible …

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Pokemon Go: the new AR + mode arrives on iOS 11

Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go does not stop to stop, including continuous updates and news for all the players of Niantic Labs creation. As you know by now, the app uses augmented reality to allow us to capture the infamous creatures of the Nintendo house, all with the simple use of the camera …

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Why should children not play hide and seek?

hide and seek

Today there are studies and conclusions that surprise, this is the case of the topic that we will discuss today, why should Children not play hide and seek? Have you ever thought that a game as traditional as old was harmful to your children? Well, it seems that the game …

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