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Blackout in Las Vegas

Blackout in Las Vegas, the biggest technology fair remains in the dark

The CES is one of the most veteran consumer electronics fairs and every year it attracts journalists and enthusiasts to Las Vegas for almost a week. But this year, the most surprising and shocking have been no drone, no virtual reality camera or a helmet of augmented reality.

The protagonist this year was the great storms that have flooded the enclosures adjacent to the fair, hotels, and casinos that became rivers, and a total blackout at the fair that left the technology fair without electricity, creating a moment of the sensation of surrealism among the attendees. The most technological place on earth remained in the Stone Age for a few hours.

The flashlight of the cell phone and external batteries became the most sought-after gadget for a few hours, and the more than 120,000 present rushed to go out or try to entertain until the electricity was restored. 

The organizers of the event blamed the storm that quickly left dozens of liters per square meter in central Nevada. It had not rained in Las Vegas for almost 120 days, according to the local weather service, and the authorities and infrastructure of the casino city were quickly outdone by the circumstances.

116 days since it was not raining in Las Vegas and the storm was biblical

The emergency services arrived around 12 noon, 45 minutes later that the blackout began, and managed to recover electricity in the enclosures about an hour and a half later. In total two hours of “show without show” in which the camaraderie and jokes among the attendees prevailed.

During the CES, hundreds of journalists from all over the world rub shoulders with the executives of the big technology companies, dominated for a few years by Chinese companies that present their new devices in society in a scenario they normally cannot count on. This year, like everyone else, the variety of presentations is very broad, but virtual assistants and smart speakers have dominated, along with virtual reality devices that are cheaper and have better features every year.

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