These are the best Star Wars games in history
Star Wars games
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These are the best Star Wars games in history

Top Star Wars Games

The last movie of The Star Wars is already in the movies. We are talking about Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, a film that will surely be a resounding success at the box office. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of this new movie than by making a list of the best Star Wars games.

To make this list with the best Star Wars games we have based on our personal experience and the grades that these Star Wars games received at the time. Therefore keep in mind that there will be a few very old games, but you should not miss the opportunity to try them.[wp_ad_camp_3]

Some of these games are too old to be enjoyed on your computer unless you get an emulator to play games compatible with very old versions of Windows or MS-DOS but if you are true fans of the Star Wars saga you have to try each one of these games. You will not regret it.


This game, developed by Totally Games, surprised to put us at the controls of TIE Fighter. Yes, we are at the orders of the Empire side as pilot of the star fleet to fulfill the orders of Admiral Thrawn with main and secondary objectives. Note that in this game not only had to shoot and dodge but also we must manage the energy of our lasers, the status of the shields and the engine and other functions of a space fighter to achieve missions. We can even go up to become personal pilots of the Emperor. May the dark side accompany you!


One of the great jewels of LucasArts. In this case, we incarnate Kyle Katarn, a Han Solo-style mercenary who has the power of the Force. Come on, we’ll take a Jedi Knight who can use both the powers of the Light Side and the Dark Side. In this way, we will have a thousand ways to crush our enemies. A game that revolutionized the market and highlighted by the possibility of alternating between first and third person. How we used to settle a few years ago …


This game is the sequel to Rogue Squadron and was one of the first games that came to the Nintendo GameCube. Yes, this version of Star Wars just came to the Nintendo console. You are already looking for a compatible emulator because it is one of the best Star Wars games and can alternate between Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles. Pay attention to me, the first level, which is where we will make an attack on the Death Star will be recorded for life in your retinas.


Better known as KOTOR (acronym in English for gentlemen of the Old Republic) is considered by the vast majority of fans as the best game of Star Wars. The masterpiece of BioWare presented us with an RPG in which we had at our disposal realistic locations, battles with laser swords, the use of force, space battles and an impressive story. His level of difficulty was really high and the fact that the decisions we made in the game had a remarkable influence on the history made the game marked an era. Have not you tried it? calm that luckily there is a version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Android and iOS.


Here we will play Katarn, a Jedi who fights the Empire using both the dark side and the light side. In this way we will have an arsenal of firearms, laser swords and powers to crush all Storm Trooper that puts us ahead. Special emphasis on the battles with laser swords, where we will have three different positions and that we will be able to alternate depending on how our opponent fights. Simply spectacular.


Be careful, do not confuse it with the game launched by EA. In this case, we talk about the version of Star Wars Battlefront II developed by Pandemic. In this case, we find an arsenal of vehicles and battles in space in which we will not stop dodging shots, attack imperial destroyers and detonate thermal bombs. If we add the fact that it had a multiplayer mode and we can also control such iconic characters as Chewbakka, Obi-Wan Kenobi or even Yoda himself we have before us one of the best Star Wars games.


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